I ordered my Sprint 700P via the Palm online store and was charged $549 by Palm. I get the phone on 5/30 and immediately activate it with Sprint. Two days later I get an email from Palm directing me to sprintportal.com to activate my phone. I figure....eh.....already got the activation covered. Then today I get my first Sprint bill in the amount of $118. Woe.........I was supposed to get a $150 service credit from Sprint. I can no longer activate my account throught the website because I have already established an account via a land line. So........I bounce back and forth from Palm to Sprint for about two hours and finally blow up with the Sprint rep. and tell them to cancel my account, as it has only been 7 days since it was started. They transfer me to another customer service person who finally added the $150 service credit to my account and told me that it would take effect startingon the next bill....the balance of which will be $0. The remainder of the credit will roll over to the third bill.

So heads up to anyone who activated the same way I did.......get on the horn and get that service credit confirmed....cuz if its past the 14 days you will have no leverage and will lose that $150......guaranteed!