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    When I power up my 700p (Sprint, purchased from Palm), the screen has very fine horizontal lines that are visible for a few seconds (almost looks like electrical interference). It's very subtle but noticeable. Any others experience this? Does this indicate any problems?
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    Mine does the same thing. Doesn't seem to hamper the device so I'm ignoring it for now. Is kind of strange though.
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    I get the same thing. I thought it was just me.
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    yeah, i get the same thing right when i turn it on, i thought i was crazy.
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    Yup! Saw it once, not every time. It was pretty noticible though - I was assuming it was related to some of the slowness - problems repainting because of some other process?
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    Ditto. The effect only seems noticible if the device has been off for at least a minute or so.
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    Yes, I and someone else commented on this in another thread last week. It looks similar to what happens when you press the screen degauss button on a monitor.

    But if it's lasting a couple of seconds that seems long. Mine only lasts a fraction of a second: short enough for me to wonder if I'd imagined it the first couple of times I saw it.

    I *would* like to hear an official word out of Palm on this, just in case it's anything we should be concerned about.
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    Try reading your 700's screen in direct sunlight. You'll see the lines whether the backlight is on or not. It makes it hard to read.

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    Me too. Strange.
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    I think that's a power issue, guys.

    Does anyone know if the screens are interlaced or not?
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    Yeah. I had noticed the low-resolution-fade-into-high-resolution feature on my 700p. It doesn't seem as noticeable on my friend's 700p, but - then again - his keyboard lights flicker when he hits keys, so maybe he'll get the lrfihr feature when he replaces his 700p.

    It thought interlacing was an issue for CRTs with rapidly degrading phosphors, not for these little TFT screens.
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    Same thing on mine. glad to know it's not just mine, but a new 700p "feature"!
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    I just replaced my previous broken Treo 650 a couple of months ago with a new version of the 650 and noticed this phenomenon on that one. It's doing it on my new 700p as well. So it's not indigenous to the 700p. It must be the same screen they've been using for the last few months.
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    wow, and I thought I was going crazy!
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    Does it get more pronounced (i.e., take slightly longer to reach hi-res) over time? Or am I just paying more attention to it?

    Mine seems to do it more noticeably when the screen has been off for a while.
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    Glad I saw this post after searching. I was about to post myself and ran across everyone describing the exact thing I've noticed after using my new 700p for 24 hours or so. Weird, I must say. Not a big deal, but strange visually. Maybe there's a fix?
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    Happens when the backlight first powers on, then it disappears. Looks like a refresh issue.
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    This is the active matrix panel refreshing itself (yes they do still need to do this, although it is different than how a CRT would). I only noticed it for a fraction of a second on mine, but it is there, and this is not the only device I've seen it on. Most modern transflective panels (seems more apparent in the sun as someone else suggested) seem to exhibit this to some extent. As the screen turns on it seems like it takes that fraction of a second for the circuitry driving the screen to adjust itself. I've seen screens where this circuitry is always a bit off and where the screen ends up exhibiting this behavior all of the time.

    I think that aside from possibly being the result of cheaper electronics being used to drive the screen, it could also be caused by the faster response rates of modern LCD panels (where with the older slower panels this effect would be hidden by the "slowness" and ghosting).
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    Yes, I noticed it as well. I also noticed that my 700p screen seems yellowish when comparing it to my 650 screen. the keyboard is bright white but the screen is yellowish. It's really apparent at night. anyone else?
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    My Treo 600 had the same "interference lines".
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