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    Mine has it, too. The only time this is a problem is when you're trying to read the screen outdoors, under sunlight. The lines are always there under the sunlight, making it hard to read the screen. But they're not there (except for a second when the screen powers on and off). This didn't happen with my 650.

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    I noticed this on my 700w, and now on my 700p. I don't recall seeing it on my 650, but perhaps I just didn't notice? Its interesting to me that the 700w did the same thing, since they have difference LCDs.
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    Again... this is a phenomenon inherent to LCDs... I have seen it on a wide range of panels and devices. It seems to have become more of an issue during the past few years (my guess would be that the newer faster panels are making this more obvious now, that and possibly crappier electronics).

    See the following for more info...
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    I just noticed it today and did the mad dash internet search finding this thread.It's good to know that the scarry sprint store visit will not be needed tommrow.This proublem on top of many 700p issues I hope are delt with soon.The last thing palm needs now are more fall out customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajabbari View Post
    See the following for more info...
    Interesting read. Are you guys also seeing flicker lines around the edges of the screen while the screen is powered on (not when powering on) with certain colors like say blue or gray? Example: I currently have my Theme set to silver, and if I'm at the home application page, I can see horizontal interlaced type lines on the left upper side of the screen where the tab is with the current time.

    Quote from the above article: "If you look closely at a row-inversion LCD, particularly if it is showing a fairly plain, mid-brightness colour, you may see a slight horizontal line interference pattern on alternate lines, which may appear to drift up or down the screen. This is also not uncommon on colour mobile-phone displays, or personal DVD players."

    So I'm hoping this is common in all the 700P's and not a defect in mine.
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    No replies, harumpff. I'll be off to the Sprint store this morning to verify if these always visible interlaced lines around the outter edges of the screen are a characteristic of all 700P's or some sort of electronical defect in mine. Will post my findings afterwards.

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    The 700P at the Sprint store exhibited the same interlaced lines on the outter edges of the screen as I've seen on mine. The lines are very easy to see if using a somewhat plain color theme such as Silver. With the Original theme they're much harder to make out. I'm relieved that it's not just my phone with this screen issue but can't say I'm happy about it overall considering the retail price of $650 for the phone, the quality should be better.

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