I went to my local Sprint Store to have my Treo checked because the SD card kept being unrecognized by the Treo 650. It recognizes then unrecognizes the card all day. Well the Sprint tech wanted to swap out the Treo with a refurbished phone based on policy, but he suggested I talkt to the Manager because the phone is only a month and a half old. She said a swap out for a new Treo 650 is fine with her. That was Friday. The new Treo has worked flawlessly since. While I was there, my sales guy said that Monday 6-5-06 the Sprint Store will no longer be Sprint but Embarq. They will no longer handle anything related to Sprint PCS except for phone tech support until August (but they will not have phone stock on hand). So, I simply got lucky and got my situation handled at the last available "local" moment.