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    the "a" key is defective...have to really press it down hard to get it to work....
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    Today my speaker and ear piece stopped working. I can use the included head set but all other audio has failed. I have had it for just a week and ordered it from Palm directly (Sprint). I have to wait until Palm support opens tomorrow (813-313-4914).

    This has happend to me on previous Treo's (180 when the flip mechanism failed and on the 600 in the exact same way.) Hard reset has no effect. The speaker phone button appears occasionaly but quickly disappears indicating the phone detects something. I recall the identical behavior on the 600 when this happened. I guess this is par for the course when you buy the first devices to ship.

    Other than this, I've been quite pleased with the upgrade from the 600. I've been using books downloading a 54Meg book in minutes. Listening to XM and browsing TreoCentral.
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    Spoke to Palm Tech support and they authorized a replacement since the phone is new. Then had to speak to the Palm Store to get the actual replacement ordered. They said it will be shipped in one to two business days with a return package. Can't complain. Phone is fully functional with the headset and I use all the other features quite heavily. Still happy I upgraded from 600 to 700p
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    I will receive my third treo700p (sprint today). The first's screen had abrown tint and it hissed when the screen was on, the second had a great screen but also hissed when the screen was on (when i put the phone up to my ear without making any calls). PalmStore asked me to return both (because they can only re-ship once per order) and placed a new order with them that should arrive today, i have a feeling that I will be asking for a replacement for the third one too, I am toooooooooooooo picky.
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    My P key, which worked perfectly on my 650 (where many others had issues with the stuck P), just stopped working on my 700p about two days ago Replacement unit is on its way.
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    The developer of Uninstall Manager seems to think I have a system defect in my Sprint 700p, since it (and the disable key function of Treoguard) are not fully functional on my device, but UM works fine on others. Still troubleshooting.
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    I have the same problem Dr. Grace descrbes....won't connect to the network at all....gets hung on the verizon welcome screen with flickering keyboard....definately a dud...
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    Going back with exact same audio ear speaker problems as danomighty .
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    how on earth could there be this many defective phones?

    I was almost all set to go out and try to upgrade to the 700p from a 650, and after reading this thread- I don't know.
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    I replaced mine (at a Verizon store) yesterday, after it went into an "Access Powered" endless loop. Earlier in the week, it had spontaneously self-performed a hard reset, and a few days before that, it was giving me "low memory" warnings when, in fact, the RAM was 2/3 empty.

    In "defense" of that (first) phone, it was an early production version, which I'd gotten in May directly from Verizon's web site. Hopefully, these issue won't recur in the one I got yesterday.
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    I am now on my third 700p since I purchased it in June 2006. The first one had the speaker problem described by danomighty. The replacement just went out this past week with a similar problem but the earphone also did not work. I could hear with the earpice but could not respond and the speaker was totally out again.

    I am with Verizon and they replaced them without problem. It is still on warranty. I bought the insurance and glad I did for future problems out of warranty. I paid extra to have them FedEx overnight an additional $13.00. Otherwise they would have sent FedEx three day.

    I am not too happy with the speaker. I purchased VolumeCare to help with the application TomTom. I took a trip from Florida to Pa and it helped me hear the directions for the entire trip. The one thing that I did notice is when I tried to use any ear jack type assist like the FM transmitter through the radio or a powered speaker using the ear jack. The speaker was soon dying after a few minutes it continued failing until it was totally shot soon after.
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