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    I am trying to decide if i should upgrade from the 650 to the 700p.
    so from the site i see the phone is a CDMA2000 EvDO vs the CDMA, EDGE

    is this a better phone? i have always been disappointed in the phone piece of the 650.

    Also do you know if they have made any changes/ enhancements to the bluetooth. It works with my car, but is very flacky.

    Thanks for any info
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    The phone seems about the same, but bluetooth is much better, at least for me. The 650 would not stay paired to my Infiniti, but the 700 pairs quickly and keeps the connection. That, the extra memory and the EVDO made it a worthwhile upgrade for me.
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    it got buggy and noisy for me... my acura TL doesnt work nicely with my 700p anymore im waiting for a nice palm updates to fix that!!!
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    I was skeptical about improved bluetooth but it is flawless. Connects immediately. Sounds great, much better.

    Using the Palm 59.95 headset
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    Bluetooth seems greatly improved over the 650.

    I have the Palm Treo headset, and the nice thing about it is that I can now be in a call and turn on the headset and it will switch over to the headset... never could do anything like that before with the same headset on the 650.

    In general, the headset and 700p seem to stay paired even after power-off, power-on, charging, soft-reset, you name it. I have yet to have to re-pair or provide the 0000 since the first time.


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