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    That doesn't do anything for my camera. Is that working for anyone else?
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    i have found that dumbing it down to 640 really helps with quality
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    I think the clarity & size is fine. The problem is in low lighting conditions. I tested side by side & the 650 is much better in low light, indoor conditions. The 700 gives the photos a black or darker tint. This is really ridiculous. What in the hell were Palm thinking???
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    looks like it's time for a poll -- 650 vs. 700p picture quality
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    Of all of the things I like and dislike about the 700p, the camera is probably what disappoints me the most. They had 18 months to deliver a noticeably better camera than the 650's and they clearly didn't give it any special attention. They basically asked their part supplier for a 1.3MP chip and didn't even bother to do what was necessary to ensure that the picture quality would be *at least* as good as the 650's in all areas. That's the *least* they should have done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    They had 18 months to deliver a noticeably better camera than the 650's and they clearly didn't give it any special attention.
    I agree, with the 650 palm justified not moving to a 1.3mp camera because they felt a 2nd generation VGA camera would be better (I agree). I thought they could have put in a high quality camera in the 700p.

    However, the 700's camera is still better then the camera in the 600 in low light situations. In addition, I am finding the color representation to be a little more accurate then the 650.
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    Hey, from a 600, the 700p's cam is pretty good. I'm sure in time, someone will code an app that gives better control over the cam's aperture and light sensitivity.
    As an artist and photographer, I always thought you have to post-process images regardless of the quality camera anyhow. I've shot on thousand dollar digital cameras, and I still had to tweak and adjust in Photoshop.
    Google makes a free photo editor, and it helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilJack
    ... bigger lenses both equal better pictures. The 700 has a considerably smaller lense opening.
    I have an $8000 lens (goes to one of my Hasselbladís), weighs a few ounces and is very very very small in comparison to other lenses (both width and depth), this mean that it isn't as nice as some of my other larger lenses? The quality of a lens cannot be judged by its size. Some of the best lenses in the world are extremely small. The quality of the picture has to do with the sensitivity of the photo sensor (usually measured in ISO), as well as the quality of the glass, and the construction of the lens.

    In the case of the 700p vs 650, it appears as though they changed the hue of the pictures, aperture, and ISO. They lowered the ISO, making it less sensitive to light but les grainy, and increased the aperture meaning it focuses on things further away just as good but closer up poorer while increasing amount of light coming in. I like the 700pís pictures better.
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    The 650 spoiled us by being just about the best VGA camera out there

    But in the realm of 1.3MP cameras, the 700's are, well, dissapointing. Check out which has a sampling of results, as well as a test page you can try out for yourself (and see how other cameras do).

    I wish the 700 had a 2+ megapixel camera so in the future we could use it for business card scanning. I've seen just a fixed focus 2.0MP camera (on the HTC Prophet) deliver cool business card results -- so it wouldn't have taken much to get that camera setup into the 700 (which is more expensive)

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    Quote Originally Posted by driven01
    a co-worker of mine had this same complaint. he found a little platic "protective" cover on the lens. Once he removed it the pictures were much better.
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    Ok so can anyone hack the software to allow more light to come in?? Or a manual iris, aperture setting??
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    Ok so can anyone hack the software to allow more light to come in?? Or a manual iris, aperture setting??
    I wonder if the CameraTest for the 600/650 would work on the 700p and change the settings we need? If anyone tries this, please fully read the discussion thread as it can hose your camera.

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