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    Anyone have a copy of this software? The Palm website only lets you download it once and I lost it from my computer. Repeated calls to Palm and Verizon tech support say that they can't authorize me to re-download it because my serial number already did. They said I should ask someone else with a Treo if I can get it.

    My Versamail 3.0c works from installation to the next hotsync and then I just get a blank screen every time I try to load it up. So, I'm trying to re-download 3.1 because that version seemed a little more stable. Any other ideas?

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    Isn't this included in the relevant ROM update?

    I wasn't aware of a stand-alone updater for Versamail.
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    No, I believe that's 3.0c, 3.1 is a separate installer on the Palm support page. Everybody bags on Versamail but I was fairly satisfied with it until this happened. It's still three weeks until I get my 700p and I need to sync my calendar up with my company's Exchange server.
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    I have version 3.1D-1 on my Cingular 650 via their ROM update.
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    I get it. You are a Verizon owner and Verizon does not include this in ROM. You tried this
    and are unable to re-download.

    Sorry. I have no ideas on this.
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    Anyone else have ideas? If you're a Verizon owner with the updated file, I'd really appreciate it. Palm support had me call corporate and ask but they haven't returned my phone calls. They asked if I had any friends who had a Treo on Verizon and could download it, but I don't. I just did a hard reset and I'd hate to do another one.
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    PM me with an email address and I'll send you the software.
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    I need it the software as well... can you email it to me as well?
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    On a similar note, I have an unbranded and unlocked Cingular phone. I'm running the 1.20 update which has VersaMail 3.1E, but I don't have the corresponding desktop software. Where would I look for it, if anywhere at all?
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