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    I saw there was a link to the java program/add-on someone posted, but I couldn't find it in the search. It was meant for the 600/650, but I was curious if it would work with the 700p's Blazer.

    Can someone point to the link? I see the one on the palmone website, but i remember it was a free download from another site???

    Thanks in advanced.
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    I installed the Java meant for 600/650 this weekend on my 700p, and it's working fine for Piranha, as well as g-funkster's RottenTomatos, HourlyXCast, and TV2Nite java applets...
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    Worked on my 700p when I installed it for Opera Mini
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    yes worked for me also. I have Webviewer that uses Java. The only thing I noticed is that the 5way doesnt work as well as it did on my Treo 650 for selecting options

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