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    I'm about to use Versamail with ActiveSync for the first time. For years I've simply synch'd to Palm Desktop, but the temptation to pull work email from Outlook Web Access (OWA) is too great. But now I've got to get used to ActiveSync syncing my calendar too. I rely on my calendar a ton so want to be sure Activesync is a stable and very reliable application. So...for those of you using Activesync (especially on a 700p) please share your wisdom!

    Love it? Hate it? Problems I should anticipate? Any other comments or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your help, it's appreciated!

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    I love it, but many others here hate it. I use Versa Mail to sync with Outlook for contacts and calendar, and have a pop 3 e-mail with SBC Yahoo!.

    The only problem I experienced with Versa Mail and my 650 was accessing my e-mail when I amassed a large amount of messages. I had over 500 in my in box and Versa Mail timed out before it could finish going through all those e-mails to pull out the new ones. The thing I like about the 700p is you can set the amount of time Versa Mail will spend checking new messages before it times out. I haven't had a single problem with the 700p and Versa Mail so far. It actually appears to run a little smoother.
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    It is weird that it is so hard to find information about whether OWA works with VersaMail and the 700P. I have a 700P on backorder from Amazon and it is really important that I be able to use the OWA aspect of Versamail to synch work contacts, calendars, and e-mail. It looks like Chatter would be the best way to go but who knows when (or if) the PIM functionality will ever work.

    So, just to be clear all that I need to do to use ActiveSynch with OWA via VersaMail on the 700P is to put in the Web address of my work's OWA client in and then put in a UserName and Password? I suppose I also need to setup ActiveSynch to then check every 5 minutes. Does ActiveSynch also synch tasks? Also, will VersaMail allow me to Accept/Decline appointments that will then be written to the calendar? These are all important details that I have questions about.

    It also sounds like a new version of VersaMail that supports push may be out by the end of the year. I also would love to see a firmware upgrade for the 700P that fixes some of the bluetooth stuff I have heard about but can't experience until I get my phone from Amazon. As long as I stay patient I guess I will have the answer to this in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance for the information,
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    The little bit of testing that I did with an Exchange server is it did sync all the appointments (over a set period) and all the contacts.

    I loved the over the air sync with mail, contacts and appointments.

    My problems were:
    1) was I got confused on how it worked with future appointments.
    2) exactly which fields for contacts get synced
    3) it hijacks the appointments and contacts so the only seem to sync with VersaMail and not the desktop app anymore (that made me nervous for some reason).

    I think a lot of people would like this better than their blackberry. (Need to figure out the future appointment thing though).

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    A question I'm grappling with right now.

    I have a Mac, and I'm trying to use Mail/Address Book/iCal instead of Entourage, so I'm in a weird situation.

    Mail and Contacts seem to sync flawlessly, and quickly - all good. I love it!

    I have run into some bugs syncing with iCal, but it may be because I'm using a third-party program (Groupcal) to get iCal to sync with Exchange. If I only use the Treo and Outlook Web Access, I don't have any problems - so in a more normal setup I think everything would be fine.
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    Thanks so much for the info. So, does OWA with ActiveSync not do anything with tasks? Also, do you know whether you can flag mail items and that info passes over?

    Regarding ActiveSync taking over are you saying that it not longer copies and/or you are unable to synch to the Palm Desktop? Will it still synch to Outlook if the Palm Desktop is installed on that machine? Does it backup anything when you synch from the Palm down to a PC? I assume you can still install software. It sounds like the Treo is redirecting synching for those items to Active Synch instead of the desktop. That would make me nervous as well. I suppose you could always change the conduit somehow.

    Regarding future appts are you saying that it doesn't do recurring appointments properly or that is just isn't synching appointments set in the future?

    I wish Amazon would hurry up with shipping the 700P. The funny thing is that I already have my GPS, chargers, and a new 4 GB SD card sitting in my room. I was expecting the 700P earlier this week but now it looks like it will be after Labor Day.

    Thanks once again for the info,
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    I believe it does tasks, but I haven't tried. Not sure about flagging mail.

    You are right: if you use Activesync, the conduits for the things that are synced (Contacts, Calendar, Mail) are disabled, but you can use all the other conduits. You also don't have the choice of just using some of those items - if you set up Versamail for Activesync, it syncs all three of those to your Exchange database, and Palm Desktop doesn't handle them anymore. That wasn't a problem for me, and you can always delete your Activesync account from Versamail and go back to normal syncing.
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    If properly configured Versamail will download your OWA email wirelessly, but it WILL NOT sync your memos, calander or contacts. Versamail is strictly an email program.

    Verizon Wireless Sync will allow you to access all your OWA features, but it doesn't bring the info onto your phone - it is basically the same as accessing your OWA account via Blazer.
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    Well, I have a Sprint 700p, and setting up an Activesync account in Versamail enables a "Sync" option in Calendar and Contacts (or you can sync all three at once), and they work. It says that in the Versamail manual too; in fact, you can't set up an Activesync account and *not* sync Calendar and Contacts as well, according to the manual.
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    Well I got itchy and decided to go get the Treo 700P from Verizon this evening. I have a whole box full of stuff to play with tomorrow (GPS, TOM TOM, 4 GB card, etc) so I will report back on the synch process once I charge the phone and finish setting up everything. Now all I have to do is figure out whether to buy the Jabra JX10 for a blue tooth headset.
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    Ok, so I have already hit a snag with OWA synch where VersaMail won't trust the SSL certificate. This is apparently because the NAME doesn't match the URL on the cert. Frustrating. I can get Blazer to access our OWA site just fine but it won't work on Versamail because they "FIXED" something from the version that was on the 650. Apparently this will work on the 700W if you are able to download the cert and add it to the trusted certs but there doesn't seem to be any way to do this on the 700P. I also don't have rights on the server so I can't fix this easily myself although I will be checking in with IT on Tuesday to see if there is anything they can do.

    I really love the 700P so far and this is my only issue. I am going to try Chatter but it doesn't look like Chatter will be doing PIM synch any time soon which is a total bummer (need the calendar at least). I may also look at VZ wireless synch but all these issues may just move me to the WX even though I love the P. Thoughts?

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