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    First let me say, Palm tech support is the worst in the industry. hands down, no question about it. I know of no other major company that has such terrible support. Now to my issue...

    I have a T2 with the WiFi card. I know I can't use the card with the Treo 700p (Grrrrr!) but I should be able to use the VPN software that it comes with--the Mergic PPTP software. Why should I have to pay $30 for it when i already own it on the T2 which I will be selling? I'm trying to figure out how to transfer the required files and just can't get it to work. Does anyone know what files must come over from the T2 and what the best way is to do this? The installer on the wifi CD doesn't have a separate way to only install the Mergic app/drivers. This is really driving me nuts as the Palm support is USELESS. I think they have an actual practiced policy of hanging up on people when they can't help. I have been disconnected three of the 5 times I have called since I received the 700p last week.
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    I really dont understand what files you are trying to transfer but couldnt you just beam the files from one device to the other? or the files should be in your PC in your Palmone folder

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