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    Got a T700p via retentions last night, and part of the deal included a free A9000 for my partner. The only way the retentions CSR was able to give me the A9000 for free was if I activated the phone on my current line and got the 700p as a new activation.
    Ok, no problems there - he said I could just do an ESN swap when both phones were activated. The A9000 will be coming UPS, and I have to pickup my 700p @ a Sprint store. Because I'm impatient, I'll probably go later today and get it, but I was wondering if the ESN requires a hard reset. I don't want to start adding apps and customizing my new Treo if I'll just have to do it again when we do the ESN swap.
    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    No, it does not require a hard reset. I just did a number swap on two of my lines. One being my Treo and then a personal line. Go ahead and do whatever to your Treo. ESN swap will not have an affect. The only thing I had to do is reset my Sprint Biz Connect since the phone number changed on my Treo.

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