It appears there is an incomadibility with the way Smartlist Togo writes to memory on the 700p.
Basically I have several larger tables that I use for my work and after opening them and making some changes all of a sudden I get a reset and then the table is corrupt. It seems that when I try to add or change a record in a table once I hit the green check mark, it returns to the list view sorted and there are serveral blank lines (records) at the top of the list. Then the next input I make will cause a soft reset. Then after the unit reboots and I try to open the corrupted smartlist I get the message from smartlist that it is trying to repair the corrupted smartlist. It reports back that it did but it never does. Then I will delete the corrupted list and replace it with a good back up. It will continue to corrupt the list each time I edit it from that point on until I perform a hard reset and the Treo re formats its internal memory. Then it will work for a while before the the whole process happens again.

Anyone else had this problem?