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    Is it normal for Tomtom to take up to 30 seconds to exit so I can use a different application? It switches very quickly to the incoming phone calls but if I want to go to any other program it "hangs " for quite some time.

    I think it has gotten worse over the last few months, the dealy used to be less noticeable.
    I have the 650 and the latest Tomtom version...


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    I've noticed the slow exit as well although I don't believe mine is anywhere close to 30 seconds. Maybe closer to 10. Not sure what causes it. I do have some POI categories that I installed myself and it may be saving those. I've noticed that if TT generates a soft reset, I loose any recent additions to the POIs so it doesn't save them when I enter them. If it is writing to the SD then the card speed and file size would affect the time needed to exit.
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    Takes me about 10 seconds to exit TomTom as well. This is the same on my 700p as it was on the 650.
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    It used to take about 10 seconds but got worse recently. I use the same SD card, no extra POI added. I added and removed a few voices and added a map of Minnesota but these files are very small.

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