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    Hi, newbie to the forum and to Sprint.

    I'm hoping to get a 700p and have read a ton of posts, but I can't make sense of what I need as far as a plan. The Sprint PCS site only has 3 plans (Fair and Flexible et al.) and an add on for Laptop/PDA. But on their maps they talk about "Power Vision" and don't tell you what it is, I read someone here say there are three levels of Power vision, and I read about data plans and so forth, RTT, EVDO and so forth. But the Sprint site is completely useless in explaining what plan to get and what services/prices get you what! It seems like there ought to be a spreadsheet or something out there that clarifies all this.

    Can anyone either tell me or point me (and probably others too) to a simple explanation of the way the Sprint plans work and what I'd need to do fast internet both just on the phone and also PAM?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for a great forum.
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    Most carriers out there are pretty unclear about their data plans, and Sprint seems to be especially agregious about this. From what I know, I'll give you the basics. Power Vision is Sprint's EvDO data plan. If you live in area that has EvDO (high speed data), you have to use one of these plans if you want data. If you don't, , you can have just a Vision plan (a lower-speed, 1xRTT plan) - or you could possibly hold onto your Vision plan if you've had one with Sprint for a while. The three Power Vision Plans range from $15 to $25 per month, but I still have very confused as to what the differences are, despite what Sprint lists on their site. As far as PAM, I have yet to see anything in writing on Sprint's site about signing up for such an option, but I've heard things in these forums that it is being offered (or will be offered) for anywhere between $25 and $40... Good luck!
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    You should also check out the CDMA forum here:
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    Does anyone know if I sign up for a F/Flex voice plan whether I can use slow data to surf at no extra charge (beyond minutes)?
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    This page is a little more straightforward. You get one of the basic PowerVision accounts OR one of the PAM options below...

    There are a variety of PAM options...

    - $25/month for 40MB PAM with a KB charge that caps to $70/month
    - $40/month unlimited PAM with 2-year contract
    - $50/month unlimited PAM with 1-year contract

    All PAM options include unlimited in-phone data usage as well but not content.

    Or you can do the hacks that are on this site and do unlimited PAM on the basic $15 PowerVision accts (with possible risk of terms of service violation or worse).
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    Or you can lock in $30 a month for 2 years with power vision, 500 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends by getting a SERO plan and saving up to buy your treo 700p seperately like me.

    google an emplyees email or just go to a sprint store and grab a business card with someones email on it. Or just search this site.

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