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    Having owned both the 700w and 700p, I have to give the hands-down vote for the 700p and say it's a pleasure to be back to the Palm OS and all of the applications like KeyCaps and Chatter that run on it. WM5, in my opinion, coupled with the Treo was a "Frankenstein-like" combination. The integration of WM5 with one-hand operation and five-way navigation never quite came together and don't get me started on "Active Stink."
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    i second that! my W was so problematic. i am so happy with the P. i have installed like 30 applications from my 650 and not one problem and no crashes. even my company email (OneBridge) software works like a charm. and that is saying a lot.

    only thing i need now is PDANet and I am done.

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