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    Got a new Treo700p (with Sprint). When first connecting HotSync cable I was able to sync by pressing the button on the cable. Afterwards, I can only sync by tapping the HotSync button on the screen. Disconnecting and reconnecting cable does not work. Soft reset allows for the first sync to be started with the button on the cable; then it does not work. Only via the screen I can sync again. The other bizzare thing: the middle navigation button does not work on the Done button that shows at the bottom of the screen after checking the Log. (By the way, the red charging light is on.) Anyone has seen these?

    For completeness, I am using PowerBook G4, and only added PocketQuicken and BackupMan to the Treo 700p original installation.
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    I looked through the HotSync log. Indeed on the second attempt to HotSync from Treo the connection got lost, and since then the button on the cable does not work - unless I do a soft reset first. After that only tapping the screen invokes HotSync. Interestingly disconnecting the USB cable from the computer turns on Treo and initiates HotSync.

    Do I have a bad cable or a bad Treo? Seems like there is a short somewhere. But where?

    What is strange that I can navigate to HotSync with 5-way navigator keys, I can get the Log with the center button, but I am unable to close it with the button - tapping on the screen works.

    I removed the two applications I loaded on Treo that did not come with it. I reinstalled the desktop. All this did not help.

    By the way, syncking via Bluetooth works, but is obviously slower.

    As I was typing this my Treo suddenly woke up and showed that it was trying to connect to the computer via Cradle/Cable - BUT IT WAS NOT CONNECTED. Looks more and more like a short in the device.
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    I had trouble hotsynching. It turned out to be the cable that came with the Treo. I had also purchased a cradle and the cable that came with it works fine.
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    Thank you prubin for your comment. I noticed in another thread

    that the user was experiencing random HotSync attempts even when the cable was not connected. Since my original post I noticed two attempt on my Treo. I wonder whether this is the cable issue? Seems to me like a short inside the Treo.

    I just noticed that the same user, mal5z, was running another thread that points to the problem with the device.

    I just turned Treo's screen on and got another message of HotSync Problem

    "The connection between your hendheld..." Obviously I was not trying to HotSync and yet I got the message.
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    For me, hotsync is erratic with the OEM cable (on a Sprint 700p) -- sometimes works, sometimes does nothing. But a Seidio retractable cable works every time.
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    After getting a replacement Treo 700p all the difficulties with Hot Sync went away. It must have been a short in my first Treo 700p.

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