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    Marc, found a few posts on's forum addressing the issue...

    For me, on my Sprint 700P, when outside the charging cradle, and ac adapter, it will blink green, no probs.

    But when charging, the RED LED takes over.

    *I've read that I can manually set a solid red or orange, but do you have any plans to make the LED blink GREEN while charging? (as with the 650's did)???

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    I don't think it's in my control; obviously something has changed, and I don't yet know what it is.

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    Wow, I really depend on that blinking green LED on my 650 while it's in the charger. I wake up to find new mail this way. I really hope this can be fixed. I would think many other users will assume this functionality on the 700p.
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    I'm pretty sure that "indicator orange" works. But it may be something that can't be fixed; I really don't know yet.

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    I'm with WannaTreo and Trim on this one. In the meantime, due to this and a myriad of other issues, I've switched back to my 650, which was working fine. Holding on to the 700p until next Monday to see how many of my issues can be fixed before then, and if not, back it goes. Will consider an upgrade in the future when kinks have been worked out. Killer for me is the problem with Verichat, which has been well documented in other threads. The Chatter alert issue is more of an annoyance, but it definitely impacts my functionality.
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    Can you point me to one of the VC threads; I'm curious what's up with that...

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    Sure, Marc:


    My guess--and it is totally that--is that this may have something to do with changes to the way data is handled in terms of the "call interrupts data" feature. I'd love to turn that off and try--there is a way, I believe. Just not sure how. Thoughts?
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    Others have written that ##EVDO# forces your Treo 700 to not disrupt the EVDO data connection. This will result in the same behavior as the 650 in that calls will go to voicemail during a data session. I use my 700 as a business phone so I love not missing any calls anymore, that alone is worth the upgrade price

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