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    Hi all, have not been up to the forum in a year. Have a question about the sprint 700p and power. I have an old 5.2V 1 amp Dc power supply that I had for my old 600. I was thinking about modifying it with the pigtail provided with the 700p and using it to power the phone.

    Anybody know if there is an issue wiht feeding the phone with 5.2 1 amp vs. 5.0 1 amp power. I would like to use the old 600 power supply with the pigtail that came with the phone as a travel charger.

    Just did not want to burn the phone out with the 5.2v vs 5.0v input.

    Does anybody know if I will fry the phone with the extra .2 v power, or will it work.

    Had the old supply from the sprint 600, and want to use it to power the 700p.

    I figured it would not be a problem, but did not want ot toast a $500 phone when I could by new 5V 1amp DC power supply for $12-15.00.

    Thanks in Advance

    Thanks in advance.
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    Dunno about that. Instead of risking damaging your new, expensive phone, why not just buy a proper power adapter for it?
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    One thing I can tell you.... the Sprint store gave me a 2nd power source "for free" when I bought my 700p a few days ago, and it was a 5.2v 1amp (probably from a 650). So.... it would "appear" that they think it works on the 700p.
    But to be honest... i have only used the 5v version that came in the box. I'm hoping someone else might wanna be the guinea pig on this one?? Someone with big pockets, or doesn't mind going to get a new one if it dies. (which i doubt, since .2 volts should be within the + and - of power supplies).
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    I though the same thing. Figured a 5 min soldering job would save me a couple of bucks. But did not want to trash the phone. If anyone knows what the tolerances are that would be great. They don't outline what and what cannot be used in the product specs.
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    Any one else have an educated guess?
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    ... per the manual using the pigtail included with the Treo. There were a lot of different chargers for the 650 that have slightly varying rates (i.e. the original charger in the box, the charger that came with my cradle, the charger that came with the Treo Bluetooth headset) and they were all made to work with the 650 (and seem to be working fine with the 700 as well ...).

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    For what it's worth, I bought a car charger at the Sprint store when I got my 700p. It is marked Treo 650.

    I was wondering if I could use the pigtail with the car charger I had for my Audiovox 8920. I called Sprint and of course they did not know. They said if it fits it will probably work. Thought I could save $35, but not at the risk of frying my phone.
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    You should have no problem with the 5.2v charger. My professional opinion.
    Mike G

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    Well, I just soldered the wired on to the exisiting 5.2 power adapter the I have. Will have to try it, and see if it works.
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    I am now using the 5.2 1 amp ac charger that I had from my old Treo 600. Adapted the pigtail to the old charger. Just make sure that the + and - cables are soldered correctly re: using the pigtail that came with the 700p. NO problems. I would say that any 5-5.2V 1 Amp charger will work with out jepordizing the phone. Hated to have to spend the cash for a new charger when I have all this old gear from the old phone.

    Works Fine!!!
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