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    I recently upgraded to a 700p and am using Versamail to sync to an Exchange server, which I also access via Entourage on my desktop. I have two questions:

    1. After I synced my contacts via my 700p and Versamail, I got this garble in the company section of anyone who had something in that field:


    I cannot seem to delete it, either. And it doesn't go away, even if I just delete the company name from that person's contact. Those contacts that did not have a company name are fine. Anyway to fix this?

    2. Also, I originally had two categories on my handheld (professional and personal). After a sync, on my handheld they all became unfiled.

    3. Is there a way to sync the address book and contacts from Entourage? Is it automatically done? I only seem to be able to get mail.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    It has been my experience that Entourage on the Mac is an extremely poor imitation of Outlook on the PC - data fields get screwed up very easily and categories get lost for example - in short it is a half-axxed piece of crap but really all that us Mac users have if we want to sync PIM data among several Macs, PCs and handhelds - that I know of. If I didn't need the sharing capability I would be very happy with Palm Desktop as it has always worked perfectly for me on the 600, 650 and 700p.

    I currently use a 1and1 hosted Exchange server to sync between a PC with Outlook and two Macs with Entourage. When I got my 700p, I installed Palm Desktop from the enclosed CD on the PC and set the conduits so that the Outlook data, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks (same as Exchange data ) overrode the 700p data. Then I installed Palm Desktop on one Mac and synced the 700p, letting the 700p data override the Mac. This worked fine and I used the 700p for about a week syncing, installing apps, backing up, etc., with Palm Desktop.

    Then I decided that everything was working fine on the 700p with Palm Desktop so I wanted to use Entourage and my Exchange account to share the Address and Contact data with the other Mac and PC. I used the Handheld Sync Installer (included with Office 2004) to install the Entourage conduit, made sure that my Entourage 1and1 Exchange account was the default account, and then synced the 700p. All of the data on the 700p seemed to sync properly with Entourage and also with the Exchange account so that I then had the same PIM data on the 700p, both Macs and the PC - exactly what I wanted. Also any changes I made on the 700p and synced were then immediately (well, shortly after) reflected on both Macs and the PC.

    I know I could have skipped a few steps and synced the 700p to Entourage to start with but I wanted to make sure that the Palm stuff was working fine first and also I needed to get the Notes and Task data from Outlook on the 700p since Entourage will only sync the Calendar and Contacts (and email). Also I could have set up Wireless Sync or Versamail to sync wirelessly with the Exchange server but decided to put that off for later.

    As for your specific problem, both the Company and Job Title Fields got reproduced correctly in Entourage and on the 700p for me so I don't know what is going on there unless you tried to sync both with Versamail to the Exchange server and also directly to Entourage via USB. Mixing the two is almost guaranteed to screw up or duplicate data.

    As for the question about getting the Calendar and Contacts to sync from Entourage. I setup my 1and1 Exchange account in Entourage and selected it as the default account and on the next Entourage Schedule run the the email, Calendar, and Contact data were pushed down to Entourage from the Exchange server. I did make sure to not select any Sync Services in Entourage>Preferences>Sync Services since I think that could interfere with Exchange/Entourage syncing. Also for direct USB syncing you must make sure that the "Sync New Handhelds" option is checked in the Entourage conduit and make sure you have the latest Entourage conduit, 11.2, I think.

    Sorry to be so long winded but perhaps some of this will be of use to you,


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