I recently upgraded to a 700p and am using Versamail to sync to an Exchange server, which I also access via Entourage on my desktop. I have two questions:

1. After I synced my contacts via my 700p and Versamail, I got this garble in the company section of anyone who had something in that field:


I cannot seem to delete it, either. And it doesn't go away, even if I just delete the company name from that person's contact. Those contacts that did not have a company name are fine. Anyway to fix this?

2. Also, I originally had two categories on my handheld (professional and personal). After a sync, on my handheld they all became unfiled.

3. Is there a way to sync the address book and contacts from Entourage? Is it automatically done? I only seem to be able to get mail.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.