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    I had four Treo 650's and all of them went back, with my blood pressure increasing each time. Resets, crashes, stuck dialing tones, horrible phone/radio reception, terrible Blazer performance, etc, made my life miserable. But from day one I was hooked on the idea of such a device--I've been using a Palm since the Professional and hate filling my pockets with a Palm and a phone. So when the 700p came out, I jumed immediately. The verdict, so far, is very, very good.

    No resets at all--a near miracle. I have, by choice, done a soft reset when it seemed that Blazer was non responsive, but I have a feeling that a few more seconds and it would have cleared up. That is my only complaint so far: sometimes it just stops responding for a few seconds and then all-of-a-sudden it responds to all my button presses all at once. But it seems like Palm has finally figured out how to stabilize Frankengarnet as my TX too is very stable. The phone, while not as good as my Moto e815, is better than the 650. It sounds better and has better reception. I emailed, browsed the web and talked without a hiccup from Boston to NYC all the way down I-90/84/91/95. Blazer has gone from a blood-boiling exercise in frustration to a very usable application. It still isn't overall as good as my TX's Blazer performance with wifi, but the new caching almost makes up for it and in some cases surpasses it. Versamail, inexplicably not loaded into ROM on VZW, has been rock solid, albeit with only a couple days of use. Very nice to open attachments including PDF's. EVDO teathering is great too. I used it for about two hours in a hotel and felt more or less like I was on broadband. There's a bit more latency, but hey, it's a cell phone, right? And, man, having only one device in my pocket again is just awesome.

    I'll report back with more as it comes, but my first impression is a very good one! Nice work, Palm.
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    I would agree with many of those comments. I suffered with 650s that reset more often than Tom Cruise makes a fool of himself.

    The 700p is stable, I have to give it that. Geez, it only took them 10 years to make solid OS....
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    I've had pretty much the same experience. I shattered the screen on my 650 by throwing it I was so disgusted with it after so much frustration, and I watched the early reports of the 700p on the TC boards with interest to see if the problems that plagued the 650 were addressed. When it appeared that they were, I got one.

    It's been a pleasure to use. Zero spontaneous resets, zero preference corruption, zero crashes in Blazer (haven't even bothered to load Xiino yet). Thank you for listening Palm.

    I paid full price for it at a Palm store on 5/28 as I'm still in contract with Sprint and figured I wouldn't need $ for anger management classes with the 700p.
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    I've been following the "slow" thread with interest. I haven't noticed anything myself, but it seems the numbers are real. This may be a factor as I begin to use more apps--right now I'm just using the basics. I'm also a bit concerned about the "white screen" issue when switching apps. I have seen this myself a couple of times. If it grows worse as the unit is used more, that will be a major drag. But for now, I'm still happy...with my fingers crossed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone
    ...I'm also a bit concerned about the "white screen" issue when switching apps....
    I've had this a few times, but only (as far as I know) when I have PXA Clocker enabled, even if not enabled for the before-or-after-white-screen apps. I'm still cautiously loading apps back on.

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