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    I recently registered Pocket Tunes and have really been enjoying the benefit of listening to streaming audio on my Treo 650. However, in the last two or three days, I've come across a heat problem twice with my Treo while running Pocket Tunes. The first time it happened, I'd been listening to an Internet radio station for about an hour or so, and noticed that my Treo 650 was getting hot -- really hot. I immediately disconnected from the station, closed out the Pocket Tunes program, and the temperature returned to normal. In restrospect, I thought that maybe I'd used the backlighting too much, and maybe THAT had caused the problem.

    Two days later it happened again -- but this time I'd turned off all backlighting, and just listed to Internet radio. Somewhere between 1-2 hours into the broadcast, my Treo 650 heated up again, to the point where I could smell a faint electrical smell (definitely not good). I also found that I could not bring the backlight back up (by hitting the phone disconnect button), and the only way I could get the screen to turn on was by pressing the green phone button. I immediately disconnected from the streaming radio station (not the same station as before, but shouldn't matter), and closed out PTunes. My Treo then cooled down again. Suspecting that this time it might be a battery problem, I went to my local wireless provider and they swapped out my battery for a new one.

    No other application has caused this problem, even if I used my Treo 650 for at least two or three hours straight.

    Has anyone else had a problem similar to this? If so, how did you solve it? I know that streaming audio causes constant activity, but the Treo should be able to handle this, correct?

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    Internet streaming causes the cellular radio to operate constantly. That is a big source of heat. A long phone conversation will do the same thing.


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