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    I'm on Sprint, and as I hoped wouldn't happen, I don't get service that much in my home area. Granted, with Verizon, service was choppy at best, but still I was able to make and receive calls. WIth sprint, I get the constant "No Service" response.

    Anyways, I'm willing to deal with this, as I am not home that often, but now I just can't figure out how to setup call forwarding. I don't see any options in my phone for this.

    THe treo700P is nice, and I am saving over $300 a year in data plans from Verizon, but sadly, Sprint's service for me is inferior.

    Help please!
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    Go to Phone Preferences. Where it says Call Forwarding. Click New. Enter a 10 digit number. Click Ok. Click Done. Pick it from the list. Pay $.10 for every minute you use. Call forwarding is NOT included for free.
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    10 cents per minute on call forwarding?!

    or 10 cents per call forward.

    How do they know how many minute I'm connecting on my home phone?!!

    also, call forwarding works when I have no service correct? or do I need to manually turn off call forwarding when I do get service?

    thanks, and it really is a bummer.
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    They can tell how many minutes you use because it is connecting through your cell service and calling your home phone. Also, call forwarding on your phone will only work when you have service (since this perference is on your phone and not on the network). If you want any other kind of call forwarding for when you don't have service, you'll have to go through the Sprint website, as far as I know (this might have changed). Also, the price is no longer 10 cents per minute, it's 20 cents per minute, and it will include long distance charges. So if someone calls you from across the country, you're going to have to pay more (remember cell phone service charges no matter who calls who). What I would suggest you try first is to buy an external antenna for your cell phone. These antennas can extend the range of your cell phone quite a bit. Since you only have the poor service at home, you can just leave this at home and attach it as needed. Since the phones can use bluetooth headsets, you also won't be constrained to as far as your antenna cord can reach. There really are no easy solutions as of right now for what you want, but this will definately be the cheapest, easiest solution.

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