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    ok I went to and installed handzipper lite and then went to install teh zip file for TCMP however it does not show up on the unzip screen for handzipper lite???

    Do I have to unzip it on my pc and then hotsync it or can I install TCMP directly to my card??

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    You can install TCPMP and all of its plug-ins onto the card using a card reader or a file manager with .zip file capability (like UniCMD). Put the files in /Palm/Launcher.
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    I used winzip and I have the TCPMP on my treo infact I have been watching Rush Hour 1 & 2 and Taxi on SD cards.
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    This should go into the FAQ... if it's not already.

    IE: Where to install TCPMP... Unzip in and all codecs included into /palm/launcher

    BTW, there is an AAC codec out there. you just have to look for it.
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