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    I just received a 700p through sprint. I was told my old vision package with the treo 650 will not work on this phone and I must switch to a $15.00-$20.00 or $25.00 package. Well since It is a 30 day free trial I took the ultimate and some of the channels such as fox abc are not buffering through and timing out. Is this a sprint problem or software problem?
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    It sounds like you're probably not in an EV-DO area. Look at your phone screen, if you see blue triangles near the signal strength you're in EV-DO. Make sure you have EV-DO in your area.
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    Your question is addressed in the new Treo 700p FAQ:

    Quote Originally Posted by Treo 700p FAQ

    For those of us who don't have access to Power Vision, will regular vision work on the 700p?
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    Thanks for the info but I do have the blue triangles....what next?
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    You have to purchase a Power Vision package for the 700p. They will not let you keep the old Vision package.
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    No problem here. Got to keep my Business unlimited vision plan.
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    ...yeah, I just got off the phone w/ retentions and they seemed to have no problem w/ me keeping my plain ol' vision pack.
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    are you kidding me right now? have you not read the numerous already existing threads on this subjectn??

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