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    I just swapped out my VZW 700p today because of the hiss. I also had very creaky power and home buttons. The new one has no hiss and rock solid buttons, but the keyboard light is quite a bit dimmer... oh well. I am generally very happy with this device and the dimmer light dosen't bother me. Its just unfortunate that they have such inconsistant build quality. Hardware issues like this should be rare.
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    see attached pictures for the 4 treos that i had on hand i kept the one to the far left.
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    hmmm...can someone describe this hissing in more detail?
    how loud is it? on a scale of 1-10. 1 being like a mosquito sound.

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    Any updates on this? Doesn't seem to prevalent as only two threads came up in a search.

    I recently purchased a used 700p and see this issue. I went by a Verizon store and the demo unit did this as well.
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    Man! Why did I have to read this thread. Now all I can hear is my TV whining at me.. shoot

    Should I take solace in the fact that I'm 46 and can still hear it?
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