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    I just received my new Verizon Treo 700p on Thursday. Has anyone else had an issue where - immediately after sending a message using SMS - the phone basically seizes up, and becomes unresponsive for a minute or two, before it finally "catches up" and becomes usable again? I haven't had to do a hard reset because of the issue yet, but it happens to me basically every time I send a SMS message.
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    what 3rd party apps do you have installed?
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    Nothing that is related to SMS - and nothing that wasn't loaded onto my Treo 650.

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    I deleted the latest version of Avantgo (Version 6) and the problem went away. I will reload it when I get back to the office tomorrow and see if I can isolate the problem to be sure that it is an issue with Avantgo.
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    Nope - that didn't fix it after all. Frequently, when I receive a text message, my phone STILL locks up for a couple of minutes and won't allow me to do anything, then it frees up until I send another message.
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    650 software isn't necessarily compatible with the 700p. Lots of programs won't run or cause major problems on the 700p.
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    Any update on this?

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