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    My friend and I both have Treo650s. Since she's not exactly computer saavy, I downloaded the proper firmware update and installed it on her phone for her, thinking I was doing something nice. Unfortunately, it's done more harm than good. Now everytime she's on the phone, it's as if her microphone gets muted for no reason. One minute I can hear her, the next minute she's gone. We figured out that if she pushes the volume UP button on the side of the phone, she comes back, but this is getting ridiculous.

    When I originally installed the update, I did it from a MAC and it gave me a few error messages before actually completeing. When she told me what was going on with the phone calls, I figured something got messed up during the install process. I reinstalled the update from my PC and this time, no error message. However, that didn't solve the problem. Her phone is still muting her at random. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any suggestions as to fixing it??

    I updated my phone the day before and it works great. I feel like I broke her phone
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    I had a similar problem with my Treo (although I had it before and after the update) and the issue was that the microphone was too sensitive and seemed to overload and then "auto-mute" itself. I installed VolumeCare and reduced the sensitivity of the microphone, now the problem is totally gone.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that.

    BTW, really cool avatar

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