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    i like Datebk6. I like looking from today forward. So I like the week view starting with "Today". Monthly icon view rocks
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyD View Post
    I'd like to revive this thread from months ago to see if anyone has further input about Agendus v.11 versus DateBk6 since they've been out for a little while longer....

    I just dl'ed the trial versions of both apps and will be putting them through their paces this weekend and next week. (I dl'ed the Professional version of Agendus)

    I guess that's the other question that hasn't been clarified in this thread from Agendus users.... which build of Agendus are you using? Basic, Pro or Premier?

    Thanks in advance for any further input into this thread!!
    I have been an Agendus user for about...$100 or so. I used it until very recently when I saw that it grown to a 2meg gorilla. I also used Agendus for Outlook and appreciated the hooks. Once you get past the icons (and how many people TRULY depend on them?), the program has a great deal of functionality that a lot of people don't use and just slows up its launch. I have used standard, professional, and premier (don't even think about AgendusMail) and have finally gone with TMP - simple yet elegant and still growing in feature sets with a much smaller footprint than almost anything else around - and AddressXT to handle contacts. I have found this combo to be much smaller and much better for the things I need to schedule and plan and the contact management much more robust with a dedicated program. Just my little piece of perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BS Mann View Post
    I like ksdatebook too, but on my treo700p, it hangs for 5-10 seconds when i scroll down to a new appointment time the first time, and then hangs again for 5-10sec when I quit the program. Is this a 700p problem or a ksdatebook problem? I turned off Butler, Keycaps, and it continues. Help?
    I have the same problem with ksdatebook on a 650, and I don't have Butler or Keycaps. Also I was getting random crashes on my normally very stable 650; I liked ksdatebook and the price is right but eventually I deleted it and the crashes went away.
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    I tried ksdatebook and got the same result. resets ......ALOT.
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    I'm using Agendus Premium in my ROM and really like it. It is a bit of a memory hog but for me it's been good, I really like the aesthetics of the program... I also use Agendus SSLMail and like that program too...
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