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    The 5-way button on my Verizon 650 has lost some of it's paint, and the light shows through. PerformancePDA has a replacement button board/keyboard set. Has anyone used this? Is it difficult to do? I'm a coward!
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    A friend of my wife's dropped her Treo and knocked the 5-way out of whack. She was gonna toss it and buy a new one, so I told her let me have a crack at fixing it first. If you take your time and have the right size Torx drivers, its actually quite easy to do. Follow the instructions on this site, take your time. If you feel any major resistence when trying to separate the case, make sure you have removed ALL THE SCREWS.

    Make sure your hands are clean, have a small cup to keep all the tiny parts in so nothing gets lost. I fixed the existing 5-way and didnt replace the entire keyboard. I cant speak to the quality of the replacement keyboard your looking at, but the replacement process really is not too difficult.
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