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    thi is happening out of the blue, sometime during a phone call, sometimes suddenly,

    Not just my phone, also my son's who lives ina different country overseas.

    Any fix for this problem? does anyone know why.?
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    you'll need a bit more info to help people with this.
    Here is a link on how to get your error report at least.,CASE=28998
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    thank you but i cannot access the error log as per the link you provided since i dont live in the US .

    there are no addtional info i can provide. the phone simply crashs( reets itself) in the middle of SOME calls or when i try to dial some nnumbers
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    Some additional info might help in figuring out the problem.

    What type of phone are you using? CDMA or GSM?

    Did this start after installing an application?

    What apps do you have on the Treo?

    Have you tried either a soft or warm reset?
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    1. Treo 650 GSM
    2. No
    3. the additional apps installed are : clock-4cast-easytour-document-verichat-volumecare
    4. yes.

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