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    I would rather update my checkbook digitally on my treo than in my checkbook...

    Whats some good cheap (or free) checkbooking software for the Treo?
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    I like SplashMoney since it will download transactions wirelessly, but it's not free (
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    Have used UltraSoft Money for 6 years now and have been quite pleased.
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    splashmoney for me been using it for years never had a problem with it.

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    I've used Pocket Quicken for years and am very happy with it. The latest version can be a stand alone or sync with Quicken on your desktop.
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    Tried them all and Pocket QUicken the most usefull and if you use Quicken at home then a must.
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    Agreed. Two most robust versions are Pocket Quicken for Quicken users and Ultrasoft Money for Microsoft Money users. You can argue over which desktop version is more robust, but those are the two best programs out there. I have personally used Ultrasoft Money for 7 years now. Very good program with rapid updates when needed. It has a great budget part that helps us keep our spending under control I synchronize 20 accounts with my phone. It's a life saver. I used it exclusively on my Treo 600 when we moved to San Diego last year and our desktop was packed and shipped with our household goods. GREAT PROGRAM. Highly recommended.
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    SplashMoney is a good program. It also comes with a PC program that compliments the Palm program very nicely.
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    I've been using Pocket Quicken for several years now. I use Quicken Deluxe on PC so it works very well for me. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey at ~$30. I tried SplashMoney at one time but it did not sync as well with Quicken Deluxe.

    I haven't used a checkbook since '96. My personal finances have never been as organized as they are now. Whichever you choose, I highly recommend a PC version that syncs with the Palm version (Pocket Quicken or UltraSoft Money).
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    "me too" for Quicken.

    Honestly this is one of the main 3 reasons I moved to a converged device was checkbook tracking.

    Ive used Quicken for close to 6 years now.
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    IMHO, having trialed ultrasoft money and quicken, I find that Adarian Money is the best out there. Simple, you can keep track of a lot of accounts, you can split bills, etc. It's not free, but it is worth the money.
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    Can any of the MS Money based handheld software do OTA online activities?
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    there is allot of free ones as well out there

    i know i ran across a few on
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    I've been using the freeware program MyCheckbook 5.4 (available at Palmgear).

    Since I didn't need the complicated bells and whistles of Quicken or Money, MyCheckbook works great for me at tracking checkbook and credit card transactions.

    It even allows you to enter recurring direct deposit paychecks and recurring automatic payments.

    All this for FREE! It is a great application that I cannot live without (imagine the old days of doing this with paper, pens, and calculators -- savages we were!!!)
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