View Poll Results: Does your Treo's screen have any dead pixels?

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  • Mine does not have any dead pixels.

    59 89.39%
  • Mine does have dead pixels, but I can live with it / them.

    5 7.58%
  • Minde does have dead pixels and I'm going to get it exchanged.

    2 3.03%
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    Just curious to see the numbers of units w/ dead pixels. Do you have any on your screen?

    Dead Pixel: Also frequently referred to as stuck pixels, dead pixels represent pixels within the LCD display that do not function. Dead pixels are not repairable on an individual level, and can either be very noticeable and annoying, or barely visible, depending on the LCD monitor model and their location on the screen.

    Use this little app. to test your screen:
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    No dead pixels here
    I have a lot to say but I dont want to get banned...AGAIN!!
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    Yeah me neither my screen works to the fullest.
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    if i spent $650 on a phone it better not have dead pixels and there is no way i would live with it. But i didn;t spend $650 and i don't so i am OK
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    Nope, none here.
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    I've got a stuck blue one in the lower right hand corner. I barely notice it and i'm too lazy to call palm for a replacement.
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    One stuck red in the upper right quadrant. Not noticeable except on dark screens, like when using the camera. Not annoying enough to bother over.
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    My pixels are all alive
    at&t iPhone3G
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    I have 1 dead pixel which is very suprising because I think I had something like 3 600's and 5 650's over the lifetime of my Treos (rreplacements, etc) and this is the first phone I have to actually have a dead pixel. I can live with it though but it does **** me off.
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    I must be "due" a Treo with no working pixels at this point. I'm mainly a CRT man but ya need those little light, small things for kiddies rooms and on da road

    None on My Treo (320 x 320) - 102400
    None on 3 Hyundai 19" Desktop Screens (1200 x960) - 3456000
    None on 1400 x 1050 IBM laptop - 1470000
    None on 1200 x 800 laptop - 960000
    None on new 1920 x 1200 laptop (this thing is unbelievable) - 2304000 .... almost makes me want to drop CRT's

    Almost 8.3 million pixels and no dead ones yet .... knocking on (wooden) head right now ..... I am definitely due.
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    I don't want to try that proggy...I am scared that I will find a pixel and it would DRIVE ME CRAZY! So, what I don't know won't hurt me
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    One dead pixel here and I exchanged the phone within the 14 day return period. In my experience the adjoining pixels start burning out and the inauspicious spot grows like the Blob. After the 14 day exchange period returning the phone could result in a refurb replacement. NO THANKS! So, I nipped the problem in the bud.

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    First post here, but been lurking for a little while.

    Got my frist treo 700p 2 weeks ago and found a dead pixel. Called sprint and they sent me a new one. Just got back from a trip and wouldn't you know it, this NEW in box treo also has a dead pixel.

    My brother got a 700p the same time my first one came in and he's got a dead pixel.

    3 brand new treos from sprint with defects.

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