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    Well, I'm finally back in the Palm fold after many years away -- the EVDO convinced me to get my first Treo, the Verizon 700P.

    All is well -- cool phone, fast network, etc. Sync is going pretty well, but I can't figure out how to do one key thing:

    Most of my Outlook information is in my Personal Folder files (contacts, tasks, memos). But I keep my calendar on the exchange server with local sync so that I can share it with others in my department.

    Other sync solutions I've used (for example, intellisync for the Sidekick) have had no problem with this setup: I just "browse" my folders to the right calendar folder and things sync up. But the conduit for the 700p won't let me browse anything but the Personal Folders, so I can't sync my calendar.

    Any suggestions? Am I missing something? If I could get in and hack the preferences, I could give it the correct path....any other ideas?


    - Andy
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    attempt to bump....anyone have any ideas?
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    Another bump....anyone, anyone? Bueller?
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    My Memos sync from my Personal folder but my Contacts and Calander won't sync over from my Public folders. Palm told me to copy files from Public to Personal Folders and then I would be able to sync. I tried to copy but can't get get anything but subfolders to Personal Contacts & Calanders which still won't sync.
    I too am looking for help.
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    Palm 700P needs Chapura Pro XT which is not shipped with the phone. After installation go to Chapura settings, highlight your phone name, click settings, double click the item ( Calendar etc ), go to the left and look for Outlook Root Folder where you can select where the (Calendar etc) item resides (public folder).

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