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    I just had my Treo 600 replaced by Sprint. They were out of stock at the store and ordered one for me. When I picked it up, I learned they had replaced the 600 with a Treo 650, which pleased me. That is, I was pleased until I got home and found that this is the non-camera version of the 650. (I had never heard of that before but have now read some threads about it here.)

    I spoke to the people at the store. They now have the 600 in stock, and I can change back to that if I want to. I have a few days to decide, since they consider it their mistake for changing me to a non-camera model. Apparently a 650 with a camera is not an option, since they now have the 600 in stock.

    Here is the twist. While waiting for the replacement 600, I decided to order a 700p, and it is on its way to me already. I had planned to auction the replacement 600 on eBay, but it looks as if I now have the option of selling either a 600 with a camera or a non-camera 650.

    Which will sell better on eBay? I have searched the eBay site, and there are so few non-camera Treo auctions that I am not sure of the answer. I will also be selling a variety of Treo 600 accessories, either bundled with the 600 or separately.

    Any advice? The non-camera 650 looks brand new. I don't know what condition to expect for a replacement 600. How can you tell a new unit from a reconditioned one?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'd say the noncam T650 because you'd be dealing with less competition and cater to the few who wants no cam for corporate reasons. The T600 that you'd be receiving is most likely, with 90%+ certainty be refurbed. The only way to tell for sure is to check the phone info via menu or entering the hash code, which escaped my mind a this time since T600's ownership is soo long ago.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    After a few hours of thinking about it, I agree that the 650 should go better even without a camera, and maybe because it doesn't have one.

    As for new vs. reconditioned, I guess I was really more interested in knowing how to tell whether this 650 that looks brand new is really new or just reconditioned to very good appearance. I want to know how to describe it accurately on eBay. I looked at the phone info, but it doesn't tell anything that means anything to me about new/used. What should I be looking for?
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    Take it from an Ebay pro, when in doubt with wording descriptions, take a lot of pics. Search for item#9723711680 and you'll see my auction. Use it as a guide for angle shots.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Your ad looks great, and it seems to have gotten you good results.

    I am not an eBay pro at all, but I have a good friend who buys and sells regularly (rating of 214 with 100% positive). She has agreed to sell my Palm stuff for me, and I have prepared three draft ads for her to work from: one for the Treo 650, one for the Treo 600 accessories, and one for an m500 Magellan GPS companion and software I still have. If I get results anything like yours, my 700p purchase and eBay auctions could leave me cash positive!
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    doesnt a lot of the 600 stuff work on the 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzman
    doesnt a lot of the 600 stuff work on the 650?
    I'm planning to keep and try to use the applications I have, but I have several accessories that I don't think will work because of the change in the connector on the phone. My understanding is that the 650 and 700 are the same, but they are definitely different from the 600. This means I cannot use any of the chargers I have, the cradle, or the portable keyboard. I also have a couple of items that I could still use but won't, so I will throw them in on the auction.

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