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    thank you for a most fantastic application. i just donated via pay pay thanks again.
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    sorry for the ingnorant question (and yes there are some) can you please give specific steps on how to install this?

    my confusion comes in with java. do i have to install that as well or can i just install the prc on the front page?

    also, what are all the files for? there are several files to d-load just confusing which ones to install and what they all are for?

    again thanks!
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    check out the 3rd post for info on how to install java:

    Edit: I've updated the first post with the information and steps for installing Java. Let me know if I missed something.
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    sorry to be so anal but one HAS to install Java to get this app to run?
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    yes. But as a consolation prize, you'll be able to install and use Opera Mini, the best web browser available on Palm OS, in my very humble opinion
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    great thanks,

    I realize that by asking I may have sounded negative and didnt want to install Java. Not neccessarily the case. I just dont want to install more than I have to.

    I was just looking for clear instruction which youve provided and I heavily appreciate.

    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Argh! I messed up bad! I was demonstrating this need app to a friend and thought (for some unknown reason) that I could put in city and state *instead of zip code... Now it's stuck in a loop searching and I can get preference to change the zip. I even downloaded this new version and overwrote the previous version, but my city/state blunder stayed. HELP!
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    Uninstall the old version first, then install the new one. If you have the new one, it should allow you to re-enter preferences in case of error, so I'm thinking the overwrite didn't occur.
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    how can I install Java from links and install from Treo only? I installed but the apps are hidden? I changed via explorer but hourlyXcast still says Java needs to br installed.
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    You cant. Java needs to be installed via hotsync
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    Hi After installing the Maint Upgrade for my Verizion Treo 700p. Other Java appls - flight status and Directory Assistant still work fine.

    I reinstalled the latest version and still behaving. (I uninstalled first)

    Love the application - any ideas on how to fix?
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    I upgraded my gf's verizon 700p and this application restored normally (as did everything else), but I have heard of others who have had this happen, in the 700p forum, to other apps.

    The solution should be to uninstall and reinstall. But since HourlyXCast relies on Java, uninstall that too. That is, uninstall anything that starts with java or j9, then reinstall java+hourlyxcast.

    Directory Assistant doesn't use Java, and I'm pretty sure flight status doesn't either, which is probably why they work fine.
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    You know I use this program more often than any other except for Chatteremail. That's quite incredible for a one-person operation like this (just as Chatteremail was a one-person operation). So I'm not complaining, but I'd really like some way to save locations. I'll bet you could do that before the bacon is done.
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    hehe cool beans, I'll work on this, I promise!
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    Thanks - Will try it reinstalling Java.. I too use this application daily (well maybe hourly )

    One thing I did notice that you might want to address for the next release is that if you mistakenly input a wrong Zip code the application stops responding and you need to uninstall and reinstall, restore from a backup or delete the datafile. Would it be possible to implement some error checking on the location. I too cast my vote for saved locations and a great enhancment for this app.

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    It sounds like you have an older version than you may think. Uninstall and install EVERYTHING in the order instructed VERY carefully. As far as I know the last two or three versions do in fact catch those errors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post
    ... Opera Mini, the best web browser available on Palm OS ...
    I'm confused by this. Having used your app, I really trust your judgment, so I downloaded Opera Mini, and also the latest Beta version. Neither one was able to load New York Times Mobile (not the regular but the mobile version). They both skipped the even numbered options at the bottom of the article pages, giving the reader various options including, for me, the most important one of selecting single page viewing. It was kind of a snazzy reader, and I didn't have time to learn all the details (as soon as I realized it failed on the New York Times Mobile page I uninstalled it), but I didn't see all that much improvement over Blazer and, in fact, couldn't help but see that Blazer downloaded that particular site better. What's the deal? Did I miss something?

    By the way, when I used the web page PC demo version, it too was unable to fully load the bottom options on the Times mobile site. Strange
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    Not so strange, Opera Mini's shine comes from its handling of 'normal' sites. Mobile sites, optimized with content, no css, etc work a charm with Blazer and do load quite a bit faster with it because they don't require the delay of server side rendering.

    It's all about knowing when to use which, they both have their advantages.
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    I am reading this thread intrested in this program but I don't know how to install java first from palms site? I read you need to do it by hotsync but what about a link to the newest version of this weather program. If you wanted to be a weather geek and run a dedicated weather program what do you suggested?

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    The Java downloads are in the first post from this thread. You needn't go anywhere else.
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