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    I'll give it a try. I've been trying to put off hotsyncing my Treo. I recently reformatted my computer and got my Treo 650 replaced so everything on my Treo has been installed from scratch, or restored from BackupMan. I don't want to syncing with my computer until I get a 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post

    I wish I could condense the materials, I tried!, ...(
    No! It'd be convenient to not have to scroll down one or two lines, but if you do anything with this terrific program, I'd urge you to give it some sort of memory for locations. You might think it is also just a matter of convenience to type in a zip code, and you're right---but if you make any mistake on that, or insert a foreign code that for one reason or another doesn't work (I have no idea why they usually don't work), the whole program becomes unuseable until you use a file manager to delete all the files except for the prc. So this goes beyond convenience. But as I say it's already terrific, I just have to grit my teeth whenever I try a new code and hope it takes it.
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    I hear you on this, it's been a nasty bug for too long!
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    Heh, 8 downloads last night and I hadn't even yet announced the update! You guys are quick Thanks to everyone who downloaded the 1074 copies of the last version!

    Ok, the aforementioned bug has been squashed. No locations memory in this release (I promise the next version will have this) but at least we have some very important features/fixes:

    • Retry button on connect failure
    • Preferences button available on invalid location entry
    • Alabama satellite added
    • Search for location codes!
    • Removed rotation of Feels & High Low, they're both now fully displayed at all times. In addition, when High no longer available (after 4pm), it only shows Low. Looks better than N/A

    You will find the latest PRC on the first post as usual. Please post comments, suggestions, problems!

    PS: Some of you may be aware that I'm using the Motorola Q nowadays, so if you're interested, check out some gratuitous screenshots of how HourlyXCast looks on that platform:
    Full Spread Here
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    On my 755p, changing the radar location causes a reset. Any ideas?
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    ooh boy. question: is it when changing the value of the dropdown or when saving?
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    The second I click my state it goes into a reset.
    I can change the zip and save just fine.

    When I first installed the app, the default was Alaska. I deleted and reinstalled thinking maybe I had a old version, and now the installed default is New York. the J9 file was still there. May UM didn't completely uninstall the app???
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    Zoinks that's not good, xcast doesn't execute an action upon selection of a state so I can't really diagnose. I'll have to think of some options but the best I can think of at the moment is to have a text field so you can write it in. Boo! Edit: I've thought of another way but it would still require updating. grr.

    New York being default is normal after a complete reinstall.
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    Thanks for your work! I use this app daily.

    It said Alaska the first time I used it after a clean install on my new device.
    Thats when I tried to change it. Now after reinstall, it says NewYork.
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    try this one, substituted the dropdown with a full screen list. Definately not as cool but if it doesn't crash, I guess it's ok.

    Let me know if it works, I'll substitute the original if so.

    Edit: Attachment removed. Please check first post for latest updates.
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    You're right- Not as cool! But it works
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    remove the app through the default delete and reinstalled original, just to be sure, and it still crashed. The new version works just fine.

    Thank You!
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    I think mine, the 680, would crash also when just selecting and not just saving, but I haven't done it in a while. Not always, but I do remember a few times when it would crash just on selecting. It would also crash on saving sometimes. I kind of got it to an art--it seemed it would happen more often if I was changing location as well as radar, so I made sure I didn't change both at the same time. Also, sometimes, if I would look away and not directly at the screen, that would help, too. I might use this less cool option also.
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    Arg, Palm's has to get IBM to update the Java thingy.. it's been years now since the weme product was loosed upon the Palm world. However, I'm pleasantly surprised it works at all, guess we gotta be thankful for that.

    I'm hoping this only has something to do with the large number of elements in the dropdown. Thanks for letting me know the issue exists on the 680, first post has been updated with the new version.
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    what about the crash/freeze on incorrect/foreign codes? Any possibility of that?
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    try one out, version 1.2 should already account for errors on invalid codes.
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    Sorry, my fault, but I already did--I didn't see your revisions at first, then I did so I tried it--most of the new functions are super, so I tried search for Whistler (in Canada); it returned Whistler in Canada, so I chose it, and then it got hung up. There seems no way of getting out of it without erasing files again. Let me know, if you can, if I'm wrong.

    Of course, technically, this is not a wrong code.I'm sure it's giving me the right code (I think...) so the freeze is probably related to not being able to retreieve the data. It needs some sort of timeout to back out of it because right now there seems no way out.
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    yeah, it can't be a wrong code anymore, which means the data syntax must be different. I'll inspect. Have you ever gotten other Canada locations to work, particularly whistler?

    Edit: here's a sneak peak as to why Whistler breaks it:

    basically, all the current condition information is marked as N/A.
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    Ok, check the first post for the latest update. Basically if it catches an error when parsing the data (which that location does do because basically has no current-condition data for it) it will let you redefine your preferences.
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    Super! Being no beggar, here's what else would help: memory of locations, and also indication of what you're seeing. Now, if you search for New York, for instance (which is a great modification) you get a code, but once you save it, unless you remember a few days later, you can't be sure you're seeing what you want. It would be nice to have the location appear somewhere. But I'm no chooser either. It's a big relief not to have to delete various files to unfreeze it. In fact, it's so great that I have been purposely looking for places I can't get just to see the message. Thanks. Great!
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