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    Ok, so I called Sprint to have them add the PAM plan to my 700p, she told me I need a separate phone, that that plan can not be added to my 700 (because I already have a Power Vision plan). This makes no sense to me. How are u guys getting the PAM plan? I have a MacBook Pro and want to sometimes use the DUN on it. Anyone heard of this? (I think the woman on the phone was clueless)

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    she obviously doesn't know what shes talking about just call back and talk to someone else
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    You got a Moron rep. Call again or go to a store. You DON'T need seperate phone, the PAM replaces the PV.

    I work for Sprint but REALLY wish they would stop outsourcing CS.
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    Thanks guys, I figured as much.
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    I was told something similar, that I could have Power Vision Ultimate OR PAM. Having PAM would not allow discounted access to all the channels PVU does, it would require buying them additionally at a pretty high price per month.

    Lies told to me during the 5 calls to Sprint in the last day include:

    Additional Channel charges are 1x, not monthly
    We'll get Ultimate Vision working within an hour
    I'll call you back in 1-2 hours
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    Quote Originally Posted by cybe
    Lies told to me during the 5 calls to Sprint in the last day include:
    That would make an interesting thread of its own.
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    So if one does get PAM, what "level" of power vision is also included- basic, plus or ultimate? As I understand it, the difference is really just what TV channels are included, but most importantly, want to be sure that just paying the $40 for PAM includes basic service on the phone itself.
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    PAM is a ripoff....if you want EVDO for your laptop, get a PC card. Sure, it's $50-60 as opposed to $40, but it's unlimited (the $40 is not, and you will likely hit the cap of $90 a month very fast under PAM). Also, it doesn't tie your phone up.

    if you are on a mac, then you are stuck until an expresscard evdo card comes out.

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