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    On the 650 you can send a wav file via bluetooth and it gets added as a ringtone. On the 700p, you send the wav file via bluetooth and it gets added as a voice memo. In voice memo you can then "add as ringtone". A little more inconvenient but it works.

    However, when I listened to the ringtones, some sounded truncated. When I looked in the palm launcher at file sizes. I found that any ton-xxxx file (how the wav files are stored), the maximum size was 204k. It's truncating all wave ringtones at 204! The 650 doesn't do this. Anyone else seen this? Anyone have a fix? I'm still experimenting with AAC but can't get it work yet.
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    Mine seem to be capped at 336k, although I am also experiencing the truncation of certain wav files. Have not found a cause yet.

    Edit - I just re-added one of the truncated wav's - it is only 8k. Go figure.
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    Just wanted to say, I was having issues with the truncated wav files, and found if you put your file in a sound editor and add a few miliseconds of blank space to the end, that it works.

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