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    Hi all,

    Yesterday I bought a Treo 700p with Verizon and also signed up for the extra $15/mo service to connect to the internet via the phone. Then the fun started.

    First I found out from Verizon data tech support that there is no driver to connect with my Macbook Pro via USB, so the only option is Bluetooth. That alone meant cutting the data rate just about in half... so much for their high-speed network.

    This morning I tried to connect via Bluetooth without success. The phone pairs with the laptop just fine but wouldn't connect from there to the internet. Called Verizon data support again and was told that they don't support Macintosh, but I was conferenced in with someone at Palm. That person told me dialup networking is not possible AT ALL with a Macintosh and a Treo 700p.

    For those interested, Verizon's data support is 1-888-308-5005, and the number I was connected to at Palm is 1-877-426-3777.

    I also found this thread, which kinda sorta suggests someone got DUN working with Bluetooth (but still no USB) between these two devices on Sprint...

    I was also given a number for Palm's customer relations department, but they are not open on weekends. That number is 1-407-531-4496.

    Anyone interested in seeing support for this feature is encouraged to call the above number and let them know there is demand for it.

    Does someone have a high-level contact at Palm, or Apple, or Verizon? One of these companies would have to write (or pay to have written) a driver to allow the devices to connect to the internet via USB. Sometimes figuring out who the right person is can be half the battle.

    As for myself, I'll have to think hard about whether to keep the 700p or return it on Monday.

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    I"m not an expert or anything on the Treo, since I just purchased a 700p from Verizon a couple days ago, but I can tell you that I can sucessfully have my Mac (Intel Imac) connect to my 700p on Verizon and use it as the Interenet Connection.

    I had a couple problems, that Verizon Wireless Support help me resolve.
    Direct # 866 788 9387
    I didn't have the $15 Tether option so I had to get that, and for some reason my account wasn't provisioned properly but once they did that, I was able to connect via Bluetooth to my Phone and get to the net (I unpluged my ethernet cable and turned off Wi-fi just to make sure)

    My DSL Reports Stats:
    229 kkbps down
    61 kbps up
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    Dude - don't return! I have the same setup as you and it DOES work as advertisesd.

    See my post here for full instructions:

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    Many thanks for the pointer. It turns out I'd done everything right, but Verizon gave me wrong information on settings. They said the username is just the mobile phone number. Rick T's post showed that you have to add after the number. Once I added that, it worked!

    The mac's speed meter showed 230k but the CNet bandwidth meter said 165k. Still not too painful for basic web and e-mail when away from a network.

    Is there any advantage to installing the Verizon connection software?

    Thanks again for the help, and apologies for not finding the other thread in the first place. I won't be returning the phone after all!

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    I have it working fine via Bluetooth. My impression was that the Verizon Access software enables it to work via USB also, but I have not tried it myself. I'm concerned that their software (probably) isn't a universal binary and could cause problems. But I have to say that even via Bluetooth, it's much more usable that a GSM EDGE connection.
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    Don't pay for tethering options, just use USB Modem from and you can tether to your Mac using a USB cable (preferable to bluetooth, since bluetooth is low bandwidth) and use your Mac anywhere you can get a cell signal.


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