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    I am a long time user of the Treo 600 and Treo 650 on the Sprint network. Bottom line, is it worth upgrading to the 700P or are the differences minimal?
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    let me get this in before you get told to search. LOL

    The differences are more memory ( kinda big) better camera. from a .03 to a 1.3 mp . I heard the pics look better and i know the pics on the 650 were useless. It uses the EvDo power vision network so browsing is super fast. Upgraded BT. Better Blazer , Pocket tunes instead of real player.

    If you live in an area where there is access to the fast netork AND you can get a good deal its worth it. What alot of us are doing is calling retentions and getting he phone for $300 then selling off the 650 for around 150-200 and basically getting this phone for around $100 or so. Read some of the reviews on here , It supposed to be an amazing phone/pda.
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    It really depends on if you make usage of the changes. Do a search here on the 700p forum as there are several threads on this same topic.
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