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    Help! I simply want to pull emails from the Microsoft Exchange Server...nothing else...simple...just that! Is it possible???

    I can't figure out how to receive my work email (hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003) on my 700p WITHOUTH screwing up my calendar at the same time! In other words Active Synch will pull my email...but it also overrides my calendar with what's on my Exchange calendar (which I don't want!...I want to synch my calendar on my home pc using Palm Desktop).

    Does anyone know of a way (using Versamail or third party app) that I can ONLY pull emails from the Exchange Server, without messing up my calendar, contacts, tasks, whatever?... Something that works the same as setting up a POP3 or similar account?

    If you can help solve this one for me you'll be my hero for a day!! :-)

    Thanks in advance!

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    If IMAP is enabled on your work Exchange server and available outside the firewall, then you could use Chatter. Do a search for chatter for lots of into on it.
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