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    Well, I've been following the recent discussions about the 700p's support, or lack thereof , for various audio formats. Yes, AAC files work if you upload them, but I have noticed they tend to sound worse and skip as they get started (that was the deal breaker for me).

    At the end of the day, I'd much rather store my audio files on a generous and easy to manage SD card than painstakingly convert each file to a format I don't use and upload them through the web. So I'd like to use a third party program, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on which they preferred?

    I know Lightwav more or less does it all, but I don't need more than just the ability to use MP3 files as ringtones. I've used mp3ringer on my 650 and it worked fine, but I've heard people here touting Ringo as well.

    Can anyone offer a comparison of the programs?
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    As someone who felt similar this morning when I woke up ... (I had never had any need for AAC format or had any songs in that format) After being mad that the older Lightwav which I had bought and worked fine on my Treo 600 didn't work, I tried MP3ringer, and the new lightwav and even ringo pro. They all seemed more complicated than what I need. I had the same desire as you. I have 5 contacts (my family) that I give each a customized ringtone to, everyone else gets a different but standard ringtone, but I had all the ringtones in mp3 format. After the frustration with the other programs mentioned above and bouncing back and forth with their trials, I used a free program called media coder, in one step converted the files to AAC from MP3 and then used the uploader to send them to my phone. Whole process for 7 ringtones (I also used one for VM & 1 for text messages) took about 30 minutes. In the spirit of full disclosure, all of my mp3's were short recordings, they were my kids voices, so if you have full songs that you want to use pieces of, I understand there is another free program called mp3trim that will allow you to select the part you want.

    I am very happy with the end result, the quality is fine, the price was right (free) and most importantly, I no longer have any worries about 3rd party programs crashing. Hope this helps.
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    I have been having problems with the aac mp3s skipping too. Anyone know why is that.

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