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    Did install the Float beta to my 700p. It works but only that every time I hotsync it I got the message "Handheld category 'Floating Event' has been deleted" in my Hotsync Log. I had to reactivate re-catergorize each event again to Float event. That makes this add-on impractical.
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    Same problem here.

    I tried Datebook 6, liked it a lot, and decided to just buy it. has it on sale for $22.36
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    It is interesting that those of us who tried the beta have encountered such different results. Both kkchan and jeffandpamsmith seem to have experienced disasters. I have noticed one bug (?) but have not had anything I would call a serious problem. The thing I noticed was inconsistent updating of floating events.

    As I reported earlier, the first floating event updated properly with either a manual update or waiting for midnight. Then on Saturday I added a second floating event, so that both showed up on Saturday. On Sunday, only one of them had floated, while the other still showed on Saturday. As of Monday, both had floated to Monday. Today (Tuesday), only one has moved to the current date, and this time it is the event that did not update properly on Sunday.

    I guess I can only characterize this as a non-disastrous, non-damaging bug that keeps the software from performing as expected. Seems like something that the developer could probably fix if he were inclined, but others' experiences suggest there is some defect more serious.
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    I know this thread is pretty old, but the one at hobby software is no longer free. I found this one (not mine):
    (here's a mirror: )
    It seems to be pretty active, and yes, it's beta.
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    Thanks Nichos, I really like the event floater, it is easy to use and I have had no problems.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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