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    I went to cancel my Sprint account last week to transfer to verizon to take advantage of Verizon's $399 700p. The nice sprint retentions person ("Crystal") made me a great deal and I even agreed to add a second phone on the line as a result.

    She told me to call back after the phone was provisioned to make sure that the provisioning and the charges were setup correctly based on the notes in the account. I did that this morning and found that the note saying that they would refund the $36 handset upgrade fee was not there and they had no intention of honoring it. (There were about 5 other things Crystal told me to verify, but I never got past this one.)

    When I told Account Services that they were changing the agreement ex post facto they didn't care. When I told them I wanted to cancel the accounts and send the equipment back, they said there would be a $200 cancellation fee on each line.

    When I told them I wanted to talk to Crystal (and gave the exact time and date I called) they told me there was no chance that I would ever get to talk to her again.

    So basically, they made a verbal agreement over the phone and then changed it arbitrarily later and I have no recourse.

    (The $36 really doesn't bother me, but some of the other items Crystal told me to verify would bother me if they are not honored. I didn't get so far as to find what they think of that.)

    When I tried to move past this first item to talk about the other items Crystal told me to verify, the supervisor hung up on me!

    If this is the way Sprint treats their customers, I'm not sure I can recommend that anyone ever use them, despite their lower data fees.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed besides calling back, being nice, and hoping for a more reasonable Account Services agent?

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    Sounds like you were talking to them in a bad tone...why else would they hang up on you? You're not going to get anything if you have a bad tone. Try calling back again too. Sometimes you get a few bad reps.
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    Honestly thats all you can do. Ive had poblems with companys before in this manner and calling back and speaking to another Rep is the way to go. But unless you recorded the conversation with Crystal you might be out of luck. If your really unhappy with Sprint ( and I would be if it was me after that) just eat the cancelation fees and go to Verizon. In the long run you might be happier.
    I personally have never had 2 many issues with sprint but did have one similar in when I upgraded to my 650 from the 600 they promised me a $150 rebate ( 2 $75 rebates) but I only recieved one so I called and the first rep said basically " too bad" but after calling back a supervisor said I was a good customer and gave me the $75 back even thought the original Rep never put it in the notes. If you are a long time customer ( 4 years here) and spend alot monthly ( average over $100 am month) they will usually work with you.
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    jjd: you said you originally were going to cancel with sprint to go to verizon. Now that they have upgraded you and you didnt get what you wanted, you want to cancel. Were you going to pay a cancellation charge in the first place? If so, whats the difference now (aside from the fact you didnt get what was promised to you.?)

    Either way, I would call back and (slowly) explain what has happened. Escalate it to a supervisor (or higher) by nicely insisting to talk to someone who can help you.

    Good luck.
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    wait a second.....i thought Sprint was the best. a lot of good those cheap data plans do ya when their service is turning you into a lunatic. good move going to vzw. their CS, though not always knowledgable, is fairly forthright and always good to me.

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