Okay so here is a weird one. My Treo 650 Sprint only resets when the phone is on (meaning I can make a phone call or get email). Basically after every 5 minutes it resets itself continiously. I have used the error check of ##3377 and it tell me the offending software is "Phone". Or it could be "Pockettunes". So basically no matter what application I use the phone will reset IF the phone is on.

Now the funny thing is if I turn the off (meaning I can still use the phone but not make any phone calls) this issue does not come up with the reset. I have tried a soft reset as well as using the backup on my desktop to no avail.

The only new application I added was Ptunes, but this problem occured starting right after I installed it. Basically the first time was due to checking my email on Versimail.

Please help if you can. Thank you!