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    I have tested my new 700p with the BT in my 2005 Acura TL and it definately has a big bug which will hopefully be fixed on the next firmware update for our palms. Basically when you initiate a call on the phone, the car wont take it over. You have to tell the car to transfer it!!! (This happens everytime, not just the first time you try to make a call)

    If anyone else has tried pairing the 700p with a TL, please post your results as well! thanks
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    I don't believe this is a bug. I have the TL and have paired my BB 7250 and Treo 700p and both BT profiles work the same way with the Acura's HFL system. It is by-design that you have to actively transfer an initiated call from the handset to the HFL and vice versa as well. For example, if you've initiated the call in the store on your handset and you enter your TL, you must command the HFL to "transfer" after your car recognizes the paired device. And if you've initiated a call via the HFL and you wish to exit the car to walk away, you must again say "transfer". I haven't tested this but I think the consequences of not doing this and turning off your car while talking on the HFL may be a dropped call. Have you tested that yet?

    I agree that it would be MUCH better for the transfer to happen automatically or at least prompt you to press a single button to approve the transfer as soon as the devices recognize each other. But considering that my Blackberry requires the same active transfer, I believe the behavior is by-design.
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    it doesnt make sense that every time i call in my car i have to say "transfer".... i never had to do it with my treo 650... it made so much more sense that way. Are you sure we are talking about the same thing?
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    I understand your problem, Chita. I had the same issue with my T650. If I was sitting in my TL and dialed a number from an SMS message, or from the address book, I'd hear the HFL activate for a brief second, then deactivate. The call wouldn't transfer to the HFL unless I used the voice command "transfer". I always thought it was a bug in HFL as I have an early-build 2004 TL. Interestingly, I don't have this issue with my new 700p, so it could have been the phone. (shrugs). In fact, I really haven't run into major issues with the 700p in my TL yet, a far cry from the 650 it's replacing.

    Another issue I had initially with the 650 was that when I received a call, the Treo picked up but not the HFL. It turned out this was a settings problem on the phone. When I changed the following preference, it got rid of the problem:

    Preferences -> Handsfree -> Auto answer =Disable . Maybe give that a try on your 700p?
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    it was already disabled

    I dont get it... lets say i use a favorite button to call someone (or thru the address book)... i see the the call gets picked up for 1-2seconds with the BT (headphone icon), and then very quickly goes back to the phone and stays there. In order for me to use my car i HAVE to say "transfer" eeeeeeeeeeevery single time. It just seems like reverse logic because if i want to have privacy in my car and not have everyone hear my conversation i can take the car on the phone itself, but it should default to the car!
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    So, I have the RL (but I believe the handsfree system is the same) and ihave this problem with the first call I receive or place when I turn the car on. I have to tell it to "transfer." However after that all handsfree calls are flawless (both incoming and outgoing) until I shut down the car again.

    I'll point out that this situation is a major improvement from how it was before I installed "RLock." (search on these boards if you don't know what this is). Also if you have the stowaway bluetooth keyboard, make sure the driver is inactive (little checkbox for enabling it within the driver) as that will cause all sorts of handsfree issues as well. Sorry all this info is 650 specific but I'd be surprised if the 700 behave much differently.

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    so did anyone here actually successfully pair their 700p? mine paired ok.. but there are some weird a$$ bugs when calling out... (not autoconnecting to car when dialiing out from contacts or favorites and static in the background).. and i never had these issues with the treo 650
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    I have a TL also and this happens with the first phone call you make, after that it goes thru the HFL , i dont think its the phone i believe its the HFL itself at least now insteat of saying transfer with the 700 you can just do menu+b and it forces the car to pick up without you having to say transfer, its a nice little alternative,but this problem should only happen when you initiate the first call after turning on the car, from the phone itself, if you initiate the call from the HFL voicedial it should have no problem connecting .
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    So you're saying after the completion of the first phone call through HFL, all calls (outgoing) made thereafter through your T700 will automatically go through the HFL system and available aloud through the car's sound system without purposefully transferring (commanding HFL to "transfer")? This is not my experience. I'll check my settings and try again. I agree this would be ideal and hope this is the case but after re-reading the HFL section of the TL manual, I'm not holding my breath.

    Chita - I have no static or wierd bugs as you're experiencing. In fact, my connection is bulletproof and quite stable and clear unlike my p.o.s. BB7250.
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    right... when i use voicedial it works fine with the car, but its when i initiate a call using the favorite buttons and contact list. It has the headphone icon pop up at first and then goes back to the phone. (the work around is that i have to hit the headphone button b4 it goes back to the phone and then it will move the call to HFL)
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    Yes well on the 700p a light blue headphones icon only means that there is a handsfree device near by, and you can connect if you like, by pressing the meny+b, when its dark blue it means its connected
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    so then how can i set it up so that it auto connects when i dial thru the phone? (its kind of annoying to be driving and while making a call i have to press menu-b
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    it should autoconnect automatically after u make the first call, it should stay like this till you shut off the car . u shouldnt have a problem auto connecting after the fisrt call
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    then i have something wrong with my BT then... because my phone wont autoconnect at all... it goes back to the phone right when the call begins (now im totally confused)
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    another odd thing that happens is when i try to backup my treo with backupbuddy... i seem to always get the following error: "Unable to transfer Bluetooth Trusted Device Database: opened by another task (0x0217)." I have no idea whats going on because my sony ericsson headset and BT USB dongle work fine with my 700p
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    hmmm thats weird maybe somethings wrong with the phone itself or the bluetooth DB.
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    hmmm, perhaps... maybe i can get back the original BT files? but do i have to do a hard reset in order to do that?
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    you know what Chita you are right, i just went to the car and it does not auto transfer after the first call, it did it with the 650 hmmm maybe after a firmware update it will fix the problem, i had my 650 so long i forgot i was using this damn 700 , to do a hard reset ,push the power button and press the reset button, then wait for the access screen to load and let go of the power button, press up when it ask you
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    Aha!!!! so yours does it too then!!!! So it must be the buggy bluetooth on the 700p. The weird part is that Palm says its compatible, but they should know about this big bug in the HFL and the 700p so that it gets patched in the next firmware/software update. Did you just try using the 700p with your TL today?
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    yes i had to leave work and go do something and i was like hmmm hold on let me try, it picks it up , and disconnects right away , so i say transfer, then hang up and try to initiate another call like i used to do with my 650 and nothing it doesnt auto transfer, it only auto transfer when u do the voice dial from the HFL and when you receive a call
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