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    Actually, the 650 DIDN"T work at all with the TL when it first came out--it took a firmware update to get it to work.

    I was thinking of getting my wife a 700P for use in her TL. However, my current 650 works great in her car, while my new 700P SUCKS attempting to use it with the Jabra 250. Pairs, works for a few calls, then quits working all together. First time it did this, only way I could get it to pair again was via hard reset. Who wants to hard reset their Treo after every 5 calls to get bluetooth headset to work?
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    quick update...hope it will be helpful to others...I have been up with bluetooth for several weeks now (knock on wood) and found this sequence works for me. I start the car with the bluetooth off...then turn on the bluetooth on the phone...don't hit any buttons or especially the red button during this will take between 10 and 30 seconds and the phone symbol will appear on the dash and you are good to go. If you hit the off button while it is linking you will be royally messed up...I tried turning the bluetooth on and off and it locked up requiring a soft reboot. As an aside..a soft reboot almost always will result in working bluetooth afterwards.....
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    I am so frustrated with the inability of the 700P to connect consistently with my 06 TL. It worked for awhile, but over the past few days it connects, but I don't hear anything over the speakers. It will dial out, but I have to actually speak into the phone. It has such annoying idiosynchracies and Palm needs to issue a firmware update on this as soon as possible. Yes, I do remember that it did not work correctly with the 650, until they issued the update. I just thought that they would have had this worked out with this new incarnation of the Treo phone.
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    Flyntreo...if you get that behavior where you can only hear through the headset and not the car it is really easy to fix...just hit menu (bottom right key..just to the right of the atl key) and then B...this will transfer the call from the headset to the car and it will then work continually.

    try it!!
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    Finally got around to syncing my 700p to my 05 Jeep with UConnect. Works "as advertised" .... so far.
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    The menu + b function did not do anything for me in the TL. It still shows that it is connected "in use" and the it also displays Hand Link, but I still cant use the hands free function. Only allows me to carry on conversation via the phone. It will even dial numbers in my phonebook, but can't use hands free to talk/listen to the caller. Any other suggestions?
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    Flyntreo...I assume you hit menu and then b while you were on a have to make the call first and then after it is connected and you are talking hit the menu - like the transfer command used to work on the older treos....if that doesnt' work the only thing I can suggest is to cycle the bluetooth on and off while the car is running....after you cycle it back on it might take up to a minute to refind it....and if that doesn't work....the thing I have done is a soft reset..that has always fixed it for the back case and push in the little button to far that has always worked.

    good luck!
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    Just updating my Acura TL experience after six weeks with the 700p. Where's Chita, he's right!

    The 700p is so much better in my 2004 TL than the 650. With the 650 I had the high-pitched whine for several seconds before call initiation, random crashes (included looping resets requiring hard resets twice), random BT signal drops with the phone in use, and no signal/battery information on the HFL.

    The 700p has no such issues. Like Chita79 (and despite my previous post in this thread--I misunderstood), I cannot initiate a phone call from the phone, in the car, and have it connect automatically to HFL. This can be an annoyance, especially because with the first call after I start the car (EVERY TIME) the voice recognition garbles my voice so I have t yell "transfer" several times before the call connects. This latter behavior is purely a TL issue--every time I start the car, then make the first phone call, the numbers are garbled when I say them to the HFL system, or the commands are misinterpreted. This has been an issue since I bought my car in 2003, with every BT phone I've used (Moto V710, T650, now T700p). I wish Acura would do a firmware update, but it likely won't happen.

    I've also had two instances in which the HFL wouldn't recognize the phone. As stated above, it takes restarting the car after a few minutes to correct the problem.

    Other than those two issues, which I'd rather deal with than the repeated crashes, the 700p is MUCH more useful in my TL than the 650 was. If Palm fixes the bugs, this phone will ROCK.
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    My wife and I both own a 700p. They both pair with our Acura MDX fine but having the same issues as Chita and the rest here. My 650 would take a second call to transfer to the car but the 700p would not do it at all.

    I hope to see an update from Palm soon. Has anyone contacted Palm?
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    i have a 2004 TL and linked my treo 700p fine, the process that seems to work for me is that if u make a call outside car or within car from the phone u have to say the command transfer to make call go to HFL, sometimes u will have people in the car and u do not want your conversation to be played throughout the speakers so u have to tell the system when to link with phone, makes sense.

    when i want to call someone and make my hfl system pick up the call, i just call the number from the internal phonebook ( that u need to setup on your TL) or dial the number through the system ... give the command call and the persons name or dial number by saying it ...then the call automatically is linked into HFL system

    there are two commands dial and call, not sure what the difference me they seem to work both the same way, anyone know the difference?
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    I have a 2005 TL and a Treo650... and an easy way I've found to dial from the phone is to dial a number from the phone/contact list then hang up immediately... then use the HFL to "redial"

    the outgoing sound quality suck big time with my car though... I've resorted to using my BT headset instead... my wife's MDX is sooo much better...and she has a Treo650 as well
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    There are no posts on this thread since August. Does that mean that everybody 's 700p (Sprint) problems got solved somehow? Chita, Acura700p, Rick2203 are all you folks happy now -- how did you solve everything??

    I recently added a 700p (Sprint) to my existing 650 and have almost all of the problems described by all of the postings in this thread with the 700p. Meanwhile the 650 works great just as it always did (I gave it to my wife thinking I was getting the upgrade with the new 700p - NOT!), pairing with the Acura TL HFL system as an additional phone on the list. The 700p is another matter.

    Can anybody tell me the significance of the little "headphones" symbol on the Treo? When I try and use the 700 I get the headpohones immediately but no sound from the HFL system, only in the phone. I get the headphones even when there is no active call.

    I have eliminated and re-established the bluetooth profiles on the phone. I have deleted the phones from the HFL system and re-established them. (I have not "cleared" the HFL system as suggested elsewhere in this thread yet.)

    Sprint is giving me a new phone based on my current phone's inability to pair correctly, but I wonder if it is a corruption problem with the new 1.2 Bluetooth software. Do we await a "700p Updater" like we got with the 650 updater from Palm?

    Any ideas or help the last few months? Thanks.
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    i would hope that a new phone will resolve your issue, i havea sprint 700p with 2004 acura TL and i never have problems pairing, sometimes it says its linked and i hear no sound out of speakers, but usually with a phone reset or if i try and re-establish call, all is ok, doesnt happen too often.
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    This is an old thread, but I finally upgraded my trusty Sprint Treo 650 (firmware 1.13) and this new 700p works like total crap with my 06 TL. My old phone worked awesome in my TL. I never had any issues making or receiving calls in my car. I could leave my T650 in my bag in the backseat, and as long as I was in the car I never had to touch the phone to make or receive calls. I was reading this thread and all this menu-b crap and people saying it's working as designed. Well my old phone I didn't have to lay finger on the phone to make or receive calls.... to me that's working as designed. I should have to press buttons on my phone to make or receive calls... the kind of defeats the purchase of a in-car hands free system. You want to keep your hands and eyes on the road.

    What a major disappoint!! When I make calls from the car the sound never comes out of the HFL system. I can hear the call in the speaker on the phone... So I can make a call from HFL, but have to hold the phone to my ear to talk? That's kind of stupid. The transfer command will not let the car take over the call either. I used to use the command all the time with my T650 when I would already be on a call and get into my car, or want to leave my car and transfer back to the phone.

    Palm... FIX YOUR ****!
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    You may want to delete your car's profile, remove the old phone from the car's profile, or both... Then try to pair 'em up again. The 700p connects w/out touching the phone in almost all cases. My phone rarely comes out of my jeans pocket or the center console or the glove compartment, depending on where I'm headed or where I've just come from... And it always fields the calls and initiates the calls w/out any phone/human contact with the exception of the interaction by hitting either the phone answer or hang up button on the steering wheel.

    Rey :)
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    ya u might want to check into that some more.. i have a treo 700p with an 04 TL and it works good with transfer and commands, sometimes there is a pairing issue but with a phone reset all works ok again

    it aint perfect but hey...
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    yep, the reset thing happens to cure my issues on the RARE occasion (1x every 3-4 months now) when my phone won't auto pair or allow me to dial as needed via initiation from the car. Don't give up, once you get it working it'll be as you expected.
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    I have an '05 Jeep GC Ltd with UConnect. Up until a week ago my 700p has performed flawlessly with UConnect. Nothing's changed as far as 3rd party software. Now the BT won't connect until I delete the profile and pair the phone. It's happened 3 times in the last 4 days. Not a happy camper. Starting to think and look at a Q.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stingrey View Post
    You may want to delete your car's profile, remove the old phone from the car's profile, or both... Then try to pair 'em up again. The 700p connects w/out touching the phone in almost all cases. My phone rarely comes out of my jeans pocket or the center console or the glove compartment, depending on where I'm headed or where I've just come from... And it always fields the calls and initiates the calls w/out any phone/human contact with the exception of the interaction by hitting either the phone answer or hang up button on the steering wheel.

    My 700p experience is exactly the same. I put in the center console and that's it. Works great for me.
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    i have been having some recent issues with my bluetooth connection, worked good for some time now when it connects, when i give commands it sounds good but as soon as call is connected i hear like humming noise, static in background, i tried deleting profile and readding but still same results, my phone sits in the same place as it used to, center console... treo 700p, 2004 TL
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