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    bingo!!! thats exactly what im experiencing so i guess its the actual BT drivers are screwy/buggy. Lets hope for a fix ASAP.... cause its very annoying.
    For the time being there is a temporary work around for this issue... basically, when it first tries to send the call to the car, hit the button that has speakphone (briefly has headphones on it)... and then it will go back to your car without having to use the "transfer" voice command. Again, thats still not ideal, so i hope palm realizes that there is a problem and fixes it soon!
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    yes i used to use the transfer voice command with my 650 to initiate the first call but at least now with the menu+b i can skip that ,its kinda annoying but you know it takes a few firmware updates before this thing is problem free, im actually on my way to sprint right now to exchange my 700 , too much crackling and popping in the speaker of the phone .
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    oh man.. that sucks i dont get any popping (that i can tell so far)... before u start installing stuff, try out the BT with the TL one more and check to see if it still doesnt autoconnect calls to your car. thanks
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    I just got my 700p and it linked up fine with my 2005 TL...No power bars, but signal strength meter works, as does incoming caller I.D. Had a problem where I would initiate a call and about every 4th or 5th call it would seem to just lockup...couldn't hear anything even though the phone showed a call in progress...person on the other end said they got a call but couldn't hear anything...I would hang up using the steering wheel control and call right back and it worked fine....happened two or three times...will see if it is still doing that on the ride home. anyone else have that....oh and it did not transfer back to thee handset..I tried talking into the handset and using the transfer command and that didn't do anything.
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    yeah acura700p... ive had the same issue a few times already where it said the call was in progress but i couldnt hear anything on their end.... SUCKS! I really hope palm puts some effort into fixing the Acura TL HFL BT system with the 700p!
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    My bet: this is by design. I think too many times people made calls while somewhere NEAR their car (in the carwash, etc.) and had it transferred to the car. The ideally there should be a button on the Treo to transfer it over - hit the Send button to dial instead of the center button and it does it by sending it to the Bluetooth or something. That sounds like a nice app for somebody to do...

    However, I can't fault them for this relative to the 650, since it solves I complaint I know several non-tech folks had with the Treo and bluetooth Handsfree kits.
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    Doug... i think it makes more sense if they auto connected to the car first... because its alot easier to push the "cancel BT" button when outside of your car then when driving... so i think they have the logic reversed if you ask me.
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    have you found any workarounds for the bluetooth problem...I found hitting the button on the phone to turn off the speakerphone restores the call and you can talk on the handset...the bluetooth is then locked can't do anything and can't transfer the call it then kept saying phone not found even when I put the speaker back not a good way to fix it. On my old phone the bluetooth would drop and I could just use transfer to get it back to the speaker...this is a more difficult lock...I am finding it works great on most calls..but every 5th or 6th outgoing call I get silence....anyone besides Chita and I finding that?
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    I got my phone replaced today, tried the bluetooth with the HFL and still doing the same thing , i know this has to be a software problem because the 650 worked without a problem even after the firmware 1.13 update i had the signal bars on the display i loved that feature, it still works with the 700p, my incoming caller id works great, its just this little kink that we are going to have to deal with , until a patch comes along, its not a big deal to me, i can live with it for now, since i can transfer manualy when making an outgoing call, and all my incoming calls get autotransfered anyway when i pick it up with the steering wheel controls.
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    so there ya have it... palm need to fix the bluetooth drivers on the 700p (how can we let them know that the Acura/Honda Handsfreelink sysmte isnt fully compatible yet?
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    i have no idea but all they have to do is i guess get the drivers from the 650 , those worked perfectly, but this is bluetooth 1.2 i i dont know if the drivers from the 650 would work
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    naw... i think we should just wait a few weeks for palm to fix this issue (if they realize thats its buggy that is)
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    rick... did you just go to the local sprint store and get it replaced on the spot? I have to do the same tomorrow since my phone is no longer able to make/receive calls anymore... something is totally screwed up with my treo. The speakerphone button goes away when a call is in progress and i cant hear anything on their end. Any suggestions for getting a replacement on the spot at a local sprint store? thanks
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    My Bluetooth on the Acura is getting worse. It either works great...or just doesn't work at still shows the little phone symbol on the dash indicating a bluetooth link...but when I try to call it says no phones found. If I shut off the car and come back after 10 minutes it might work then....having all kinds of troubles where it won't even let me hang up the phone from the steering is so bizarre because sometimes everything works great... I make 5 calls...get incoming the works....everything perfect...other times the wheels just fall off and I can't even get it to recognize the phone is there....this is very frustrating!!
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    Chita, i was starting to miss you,hahaha it seems its only you and me on this thread, yes i went to the sprint store and got it changed on the spot but you need to make sure to go when a tech is there they have to check it out and approve it for replacement, as long as you are withing the 14 days they will give you a new one at the store, bring your box and receipt , it took me about 1 hr of calling around all the sprint stores to find one with 700's in stock, they seem to be sold out everywhere, and for the record it seems that the former Nextel stores are the ones that actually have them in stock more than the corporate Sprint Stores. most techs are only at the stores until 6:30pm , keep me posted on what happens, did you try doing a hard reset.
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    rick... yeah i tried hard resetting a few times and no luck!!! and based on acura700p over here, it definately looks like palm has alot of fixing to do with the Handsfreelink system and our phone. I was experiencing the same problems he was describing as well (when my phone actually worked that is).... Im pretty dependent on my treo, so they better replace it on the going to straight out demand that they do! I am just so upset at how buggy this initial release is. I'll definately keep you posted on what they tell me at the store when i get back. Thanks again bud
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    well if your still within your 14days since you bought it , they will replace it at the store with no problem, they will give you a new one, my replacement is perfect i have no complains. i went to some stores and even the tech were impressed saying "wow i have never seen a 700p in person" so good luck , you should have no problem replacing it.if you doit soon.
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    i got a replacement just now... works fine so far, but i havent tried pairing it with the TL yet.... stay tuned!!! (ill probalby do it after work)
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    I'm surprised to see this thread. Since everything worked just about perfectly with the Sprint 650, it's retarded that the Sprint 700p doesn't. Stupid Palm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quake97
    I'm surprised to see this thread. Since everything worked just about perfectly with the Sprint 650, it's retarded that the Sprint 700p doesn't. Stupid Palm.

    what he said....
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